Matchstick Heart  by wendyfrost

Matchstick Heart

Month Of Hearts.

Slowly filling up my month of hearts. I am in a lot of pain with RA in my wrists and fingers and finding it difficult to arrange and take shots. It took forever to arrange the matchsticks into a heart shape because of my trembling fingers but I did get there in the end.
I am trying to comment on your 365 pages when I can but sometimes find I can't get through them all. Sorry if I missed you .
A beautiful work of art Wendy very well thought out and executed ! Fav . Sorry to hear of all the pain you are suffering at the moment !
February 19th, 2021  
So creative!!
February 19th, 2021  
So beautiful. I hope you feel better soon
February 19th, 2021  
This is a brilliant creative idea. Love how you did it. And love the hint of red frame.
February 20th, 2021  
Cool shot. Hope your hands feel better soon.
February 20th, 2021  
This looks absolutely wonderful.
February 20th, 2021  
February 20th, 2021  
Never worry, I don't get to everyone every day either by a long chalk. Arthritis in my right hand, so I sympathise with you hugely. It's a beautiful painstaking image. You have such creative ideas.
February 20th, 2021  
I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles. RA is so difficult to manage sometimes. I admire your determination to put this beautiful display together. This could be a card- so pretty!
February 23rd, 2021  
very cool composition
March 2nd, 2021  
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