Moon & Jupiter by whdarcyblueyondercouk

Moon & Jupiter

I would not normally post similar images a couple of days apart, but this is an exception.
I was leaving the house last night to go to my camara club and spotted the moon, with Jupiter very clearly close by - so a great excuse to get the camera and long lens out. (Jupiter is bottom left of image - not seen in the final image, but two of Jupiter's moons are visible when zoomed in, and I think Ganymede and IO).
Phase: First Quarter
Illumination: 54%
Moon Age: 7.73 days
Moon Distance: 370,199.23 km
Just ouit of interest, Jupiter is 709.5 million kilometers from earth and light takes 34 minutes to reach us - so in effect we are looking back in time.
Neat, I saw them last night when I put the dustbin out!
January 19th, 2024  
January 19th, 2024  
Great capture
January 19th, 2024  
Nice shot.
January 19th, 2024  
A super capture
January 19th, 2024  
Super shot
January 19th, 2024  
January 20th, 2024  
Nice capture
January 20th, 2024  
Well captured!
January 26th, 2024  
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