neowise and clouds by aecasey

neowise and clouds

I've persisted in trying to use my zoom lens thinking the compression would give me a larger comet. However, the zoom lens needs more light to focus, and once I lose the light I can't get a focus. Such a learning experience!
The zoom also requires a shorter exposure do to the rotation of the earth. A rule of thumb for astrophotography is to use a shutter speed no greater than 500 divided by the focal length. I've been photographing the comet, too, and my favorite results are with a focal length around 75mm.
Focusing is a big challenge. Someone suggested using the live view screen and turning ISO all the way up to focus manually, then dialing ISO back to the desired value. My screen still looks completely black at ISO 6400. I had my best luck by focusing on a light on the ground several hundred meters away, then pointing toward the comet.
I love the way this photo came out. The clouds give context and add interest.
July 18th, 2020  
The clouds are lovely. Another option for focusing is going while there is still some light and focusing then and gaffer taping the lens to hold the focus
July 19th, 2020  
You did wonderful!!
This is absolutely perfect and the clouds frame it so nicely!!
July 19th, 2020  
oh wow so GOOD!
July 19th, 2020  
Lovely shot and gorgeous clouds.
July 19th, 2020  
Beautiful captured!
July 19th, 2020  
Hello April, I see that we are get pushed partners for this week. As I have been following your project for a while now I know just what an accomplished photographer you are, you have many, many stunning shots. Your last couple of challenges have been very technical - way beyond what I understand! So my challenge for you this week is take a shot that demonstrates "Opposites", this can be in any way that you choose with any subject you choose. Have fun! Anne
July 20th, 2020  
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