Not a Bug

I so love orchids. I just wish they weren't so hard to grow--I seem to kill every one I've ever had. ...Thankfully, this one isn't mine. ;-)
No bug? And they're still lovely.
posted September 4th, 2017  
So lovely! And they are'nt hard to grow. Just get some basic instruction & stick to it. Orchid bark chips in a clear pot, & when you water, just let it run through. Don't overwater & give them some feed once in a while, then you'll be good to go & up to your ears in them! I'll post a pic of a couple of mine soon.
posted September 4th, 2017  
They show beautifully in that lighting
posted September 4th, 2017  
Pretty. I seem to kill them too. I'm mostly not bad with garden plants but even when I take care and follow the recommendations for orchids the couple of them that I've had don't last long.
posted September 4th, 2017  
Awesome shot
posted September 4th, 2017  
Incredible macro.
posted September 5th, 2017  
So clear and details. Love it surrounded by black.
posted September 6th, 2017  
posted September 9th, 2017  
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