Clara and the Icicles by alophoto

Clara and the Icicles

Today was absolutely gorgeous out. A fresh dusting of snow all sparkling in a beautiful sun.

We so needed a pretty, cheerful day.

Clara and I set out with Hope for a hike in a local park. Clara enjoyed stomping in the ice on the trail, breaking up the ice on the pond and snapping off any icicles she found.

We had a nice weekend together, just me and my girl. My big two are away at youth camp and Michael was back home with his family for the weekend. A good change to have a quieter house.

Clara has had a really rough 5th grade year. She suffering from anxiety, depression, hates school and is struggling to pass classes. Please pray for my girl as we try to navigate how to help her thrive again. It's weighing heavily on this mama's heart.
That’s a huge icicle, oh my. I hope your sweet girl can find her joy again, I know you won’t rest till she does.
March 1st, 2020  
Fun shot
March 1st, 2020  
Sending you lots of positive vibes for your girl, and for you. Lovely shot in this icicle jungle!
March 1st, 2020  
March 1st, 2020  
A lovely photo, Amanda. I’m sorry to hear that Clara is struggling at school. We had some problems with our daughter when she was even younger. In our case it was “just" an issue with schoolmates: acceptance (by others), socialization, ability of the teachers to monitor the dynamics and to support where needed... a lot of ingredients to a difficult recipe. I wish your daughter finds her way, maybe the change (because there is a change after fifth grade, right?) will be decisive!
March 1st, 2020  
A super hero capture with the Ice!!!
March 1st, 2020  
Good she is doing things with you that make her happy. Hope she finds her way. Sending over positive vibes.
March 1st, 2020  
sorry to hear about clara's problems. might someone be bullying her at school? sometimes bullying is not obvious to other people and there are kids/people who are just so manipulative. i hope that's not the case, but your constant presence should assure her that she is loved. i hope she gets out of this sooner rather than later. take care, kiddo.
March 1st, 2020  
Growing up is so difficult. I hope she can move past this with your love.
March 1st, 2020  
Lovely shot
March 6th, 2020  
Great capture. Fav!! 😀
March 10th, 2020  
:( so sad to hear Clara is having a difficult time - hope things have improved since this post
April 1st, 2020  
I was so sad to read about Clara's struggles - remembering all the photos of her here over the years .I hope there is help for her anxiety and depression and that there will be brighter times at school ahead.
April 13th, 2020  
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