Pohela Boishakh by andycoleborn

Pohela Boishakh

Had to work on a Saturday!!! Well, wasn't really too bad... As all I had to do was attend our Pohela Boishakh celebrations (or Benagli New Year party) and take photos.

Today was another glorious Spring day and it certainly brought out the crowds - about 400 people attended today's event, which we hold each year to mark a time of much celebration in Bangledesh and West Bengal in India.

Our party is aimed at bringing people together and celebrating all our various festivals and traditions. We had many activities, much food and entertainment, face painting and more...

This little girl was one of the dancers, I like this photo, even though it's not perfectly crisp, but she was moving around sooo fast..!!

View more here http://andycphotos.shutterfly.com/49

Off to Wem Ber Ley tomorrow..... Play up Pompey :-)
This is really a wonderful portrait! i love the color, the composition and the expression on the little girl's face is so precious!
April 10th, 2010  
Wow what beautiful colors!
April 11th, 2010  
Its a great photo! and she is pretty! I love the contrasting colors! its so vibrant. I bet that was an interesting adventure.
April 11th, 2010  
Nice framing. The colors are great, too.
April 11th, 2010  
great shot, Andy
April 11th, 2010  
So bright and cheerful and l love that great expanse of blue.
April 11th, 2010  
Nice shot Andy. I like the color combination and the way you framed the shot.
April 11th, 2010  
thanks everyone - I was waiting for her to move infront of the blue screen but she spent ages dancing in front of a horrible background.. when she eventually moved forward, she only stayed there for a few seconds so I was quite lucky to get a half decent photo...
April 12th, 2010  
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