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ties that bind
past and future
present familiarities
common interests
shared experiences
it doesn't matter where you're from
where you've been
just who you are
and what you share
that makes us friends

I have a FB page which I just started mainly for sharing my photos - I welcome visitors - https://www.facebook.com/annie.de2?ref=tn_tnmn

Get Pushed Challenges -

-a photo that represents 'beginnings'??
-spoons and reflections
-a picture that will leave me feeling warm and dry
-How about a collage of 6 images that epitomize humour?
-what about a lensbaby portrait?
- For your challenge this week, how about forced perspective
-an image illustrating 'movement'
-take one of the phrases in your profile and shoot a picture to represent it
-how about some collaboration, we can edit each others photos and put ourselves in the same shot together what do you think?
- For you challenge this week how about you take the word "wonder" and represent it in any way that is meaningful to you
-my challenge is 'Dancing' the interpretation is entirely yours
- a night scene
-a portrait of someone
-youth vs age
-cool architecture from your town with an interesting POV
- how about showing us something that defines YOU best
- is sooc colour or b/w I don't mind but depicting a person or persons at work showing their area of work
- a low key
- high key photography
- a pic using a long exposure
- How about portraying 'excess' or 'scarcity' (or both)
- a sooc image that portrays your favourite quote
- something with some human element!You could try making a self-portrait or either some street-photography.If ypu go for street and use your technique i bet you could make some great shots of people rushing by.
- a shot that makes use of home made filters
-a b&w portrait - selfie or someone else
- get out (or borrow) a chess set and do a picture in the style of Ms @northy
-I would like to see a B&W portrait of someone either holding or smoking the cigar. Would like to see smoke from the cigar in the shot as well.
-taking the word "opposites" and portraying it in any way that you wish.
- a capture with backlighting. Not necessarily a silhouette
-pictorial interpretation of the word 'Lush'.
-. I want you to do a collage on "The day in a life." Now it doesn't have to be your day. It could be the day in the life of your pet, or your refrigerator, a child, anything.
-share something that satisfies you, however great or minor.
- an in-camera double exposure.
- How about a b&w portrait, low key.
- bracketing
-light trails
-night shots showing star trails
-trying out the in camera HDR mode