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2017 - Year 7, back for another try :)

2016 - Year 6 - hoping to do another full year and join some challenges again... big fail!

2015: A bit hit and miss but I get so much inspiration from 365 that I don't want to give it up just yet.

2014: I finally did a full year with no gaps!

2011: I started 1st January.

I live in North Queensland, Australia and love seeing photography from all round the world.
I have two fabulous sons and one beautiful daughter that have given us nine gorgeous grandchildren. I also have a long suffering and very patient husband that carries my camera bag.


My successful Get Pushed challenges:
Use light to show emotion - finalist
Urban - finalist
Non-Traditional Portrait of Someone I Love - finalist
creative bokeh - finalist
use of strong geometrical lines - finalist
triptych that tells a story - finalist
splash photography - top 20
Creative reflection - top 20 - winner
A flower as central element in another scene - finalist
A selfie - finalist
Something Mechanical - won

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My Top Twenty shots: