Last View of Mount Alvenia Motherhouse by bernicrumb

Last View of Mount Alvenia Motherhouse

More than 100 years ago, the Sisters of Saint Francis built their Motherhouse to hold 600 nuns. At that time there were less than 40 living in the Pittsburgh area. By the end of WW2, the building was housing it's full capacity. Now there are less than 70 Sisters in residence and they will be moving to their new home, a retirement community about a half hour or so North of the convent.

My visit on November 8th to see my Great Aunt is the last time I set foot in this beautiful and historic building. The next time I see her and the other members of her Order will be at their new home.
Great shot. What will happen to this building
November 30th, 2018  
@bkbinthecity The company that bought it will be re-purposing the building. Aunt Rosie didn't know the details of what that purpose will be, but the sale required that all non-religious furnishings on the ground floor were to remain in the building and that nothing that indicated that the place had anything to do with a church was to be stripped. It breaks my heart to think of the murals and frescos in the chapel and other rooms being painted over or torn out. All of the statues of Christ and the varipus saints will be put into storage at the diocese, if there is room, or they will be sold. I hope that the Sisters will be able to take a few of them to their new residence, but I don't know if anything like that has been planned. My only condolation is that they can't alter the exterior of the building from its Victorian appearance because it is listed as a historical building. I don't plan to drive by it in the future unless I have no choice.
December 2nd, 2018  
Darn typos! I need to stop replying on my phone....
December 2nd, 2018  
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