So enjoyed the A4 version ...My 50 years by bizziebeeme

So enjoyed the A4 version ...My 50 years

So now creating an extended version in A3 correcting a few errors that was in the A4 version. So the girls can fight over which version they want :-) Its all good fun and have loved reading my school report.... Still had my driving lesson cards £11.00 then £11.95 when I changed instructors after 30 lessons passed first time. Judo registration was only £3.00 wow the junk I have kept! Have I thrown it out now though?
Nope... you definitely did not throw it out did you? Some things are hard to part with. I’m sure your girls are going to love both of them.
February 25th, 2021  
@kvphoto of course not, I did indeed keep everything.The can is now hanging in my craft room :-)
February 26th, 2021  
@bizziebeeme good place for it!
February 26th, 2021  
I am amazed at all the stuff you have kept although it has helped you to make this amazing book. Well done!
February 27th, 2021  
I still have my driving test assessment - I'm better at reverse parking now! :D
March 1st, 2021  
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