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October 1, 2021 Update
Hi, all you 365ers! Happy Fall! An update from me is long overdue, so here goes… As of this month we have been back here in Montana for 7 years, having left Alaska to be closer to our rapidly-growing grandsons. They are now 14 ½, 12, and 10. It is such a blessing to be geographically close enough to be involved in their active lives. Our oldest is now a freshman in high school and playing football!! Maybe you have seen a few photos (more to come lol) that I managed to take at one of his first games. August of this year also marked four years in this wonderful home which God provided, after our not having our own since late 1986.

Wow! I was somewhat shocked to realize that I had posted NOTHING here on 365 for almost a month! Sadly, I seemed to have lost (temporarily, I hope) my motivation to get out with my camera. Many things have distracted me and taken my time over the last number of months…a scorchingly hot and smoky summer; gardening, harvesting, and canning; back pain issues for my hubby and me requiring doctor visits and causing interrupted sleep; and, of course, going to track and field events (in the Spring) in support of our middle grandson, and now, football games in support of our freshman grandson. 

I wanted to affirm those of you whom I have “met” here on 365 and tell you that I truly value knowing you, even if only in part! Even though I have been an irregular poster myself, I do love viewing all your wonderful photos. It gives me new eyes to see and appreciate our world. I feel I have learned so much about what makes a great and captivating photo. So, thank you to each one of you for your visits, comments, and favs! The positivity and encouragement I witness flowing between all of us is SO refreshing, especially in the crazy days we are experiencing all over the world. Trusting the Lord will keep you and all your loved ones healthy and in good spirits!

Barb…a happy 365er! 

I am 65, a grandma to three lively boys, and have lived in the Interior of Alaska since 1987. During the majority of that time I have been a volunteer in Christian missions work and have had the privilege of traveling to many parts of the world. I have been taking photos since the day I met my handsome husband of 46 years and must have thousands from back when people used film and had their photos developed! I am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with my simple Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS and hope to learn a lot as I explore this site.

September 16, 2013 After 47 days of using a free 365project account I decided to upgrade to a paid account so I can upload more than one photo for each day! I'm having a great time here and feel as though I'm developing a better eye for what makes a great photo! Kudos to all the special folks worldwide who are sharing their photography passion and talents so others can enjoy and learn!

Hello, all! A lot has happened since I last was a regular here. My beloved dog, Moshe, died and it kind of took the wind out of my sails for a long while. Then, in October 2014 we moved from Alaska back to Montana to be near our son and his family. About that time, my nicer camera stopped working! :-( More recently, we bought a home of our own for the first time since 1986! Long story, but all glory to God who made it possible! We are "retired" missionaries on a very limited budget. But, we always seem to have all we truly need. Would love to obtain a better camera again; but, for now, I'll make do with the one I've got. Looking forward to posting here again and browsing through all the marvelous photos! I learned so much during my earlier involvement here at 365 project! :-)