Lea colours  by boxplayer

Lea colours

Cycling on the Lea towpath again.

Very anxious this morning, worrying about the hot water issue at the flat. But managed to get hold of the plumbers that had done the bathroom and they're booked in for tomorrow morning.

Morning nice and sunny, so breakfast outside before the cooler clouds rolled in. Went for a long cycle to the Olympic park, circling round the old stadium and onto the Lea towpath, boasting lots of colourful street art.

Had intended to get a smoothie or cake from my favourite Lea vegan café Mother Works, but found it had gone. So a smoked salmon and scrambled egg on sourdough from The Breakfast Club had to do instead.

Home to back up photos, have an early supper and head out to the Enfield session. Usual small crew augmented by the guy celebrating his 60th birthday with a group of friends in the corner. Normally our sessions clear out the pub but this lot were well up for it. Birthday boy got a cab home to collect his bodhran so he could join in. Smashing stuff.

3 good things
1. The Olympic park - my happy place, remembering our lovely London Olympics.
2. Karelian pasties for supper.
3. A real old school pub - hard to find these days.

Pascal on the bodhran https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2023-05-17

17 May 2023
Hackney Wick E9
Great bit of street art. I would kill for some Karelian pasties (mum calls them pirakkas? spelling), and a real old school pub too!
May 18th, 2023  
Nice street art.I wonder if the cyclists know what is lurking ahead of them
May 18th, 2023  
Very cool street art!
May 18th, 2023  
That could give you a scare on a dark night.
May 18th, 2023  
nice of the cyclists to dress in the right colours to match the art!
May 18th, 2023  
Lovely colourful shot!
May 18th, 2023  
Well spotted.
May 18th, 2023  
Proper street art, colourful & fun! Hope the plumber dies good & no more worrying!
May 18th, 2023  
The breakfast sounds lovely! Nice street art!
May 18th, 2023  
Nice canal, bike, street art combo! I remember having a meet up at the olympics. Well outside in a bar!
May 18th, 2023  
@rich57 yes that was a brilliant day 😊
May 18th, 2023  
Love the artworks ❤️👌
May 18th, 2023  
fabulous urban art
May 18th, 2023  
I love that art! You can't beat an old school pub!
May 19th, 2023  
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