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My Dad is a fabulous photographer and I have loved his pictures all my life. I grew up with the smell of chemicals, the hush of the darkroom and the thrill of seeing the picture emerge as he washed his photographs.

I really enjoy the creativity of playing with a camera, but I find modern digital cameras challenging and confusing with the extensive menus and array of buttons. I have taken up this daily photograph challenge this year to try to get to know my camera better and to improve my photography. I hope you will enjoy my pictures.

The Alexis Burkill Popular Page list just for fun is here:

I enjoyed completing a full year on here throughout 2017, but at times found there were days when life was more important and the photo a day became a pressure. So this year I have taken a leaf out of the book of some of my favourite 365 veterans and am not posting every day, though I often will. I am also including several shots from a trip or shoot over a few days. That way my project is reflecting my week and not necessarily every day, but still a good record to me of how the year took shape.

Constructive comments on how to improve my photography in both the taking of the picture and processing, which I am brand new to, always appreciated. Many thanks for your online company and interest.

Photos that made the Top Twenty list:

The Way Through the Woods: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2017-10-15
Stag: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-04-03
Coming in to Land: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-06-07
Bee on Sea Holly: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-07-02
Waiting: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-09-22
Avocet: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-10-21
Robin of Arne: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-10-26
A Little Night Music: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-11-06
Tower of London Torches: https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-11-09

Weekly Theme Winner:
City Lunchtime for theme "Living": https://365project.org/casablanca/365/2018-11-23