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I am just catching myself up. I hate mass uploads and don't expect comments.
My little corner of the world. It is wicked hot in Cincinnati. In the mid 90's and the humidity is killer. On nicer days I sit out here and read. I turn on the fan and listen to the chimes. I remember sitting on this very porch when I was a child and listening to my Grandmother tell stories or just fan herself. The early 50's were a storybook time to be a child. I had a swing set and sandbox. I had incredible family around me and none of the insanity that faces children today. I was always safe here.

So, I have recreated that for myself. The wicker chair belonged to Grandma Braden, my first husband's mother who I loved. We have collected the chimes through the years and they sound wonderful. I have a bottle tree chandelier back in the corner and am slowly adding cooler bottles to this one. My house plants get to come out and the cactus and succulents love the heat.
What a lovely retreat. My husband is going to Cincinnati in a week...I saw it is HOT!
July 4th, 2018  
The perfect place to sit out if the sun! Hot here too in the UK, up to 30deg C it's lovely for anyone not working!
July 4th, 2018  
Very nice
July 4th, 2018  
such a soothing looking corner of your wolrd. I bet the chimes are awesome to hear as you relax and comtemplate your roots
July 5th, 2018  
Very soothing place to enjoy and relax.
July 5th, 2018  
Nice little corner! I love wind chimes too. I would have them hanging from every tree if I could!
July 7th, 2018  
What a wonderful little porch and such fond memories! I love your story!
August 8th, 2018  
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