2012 Worldwide Photowalk Grand Prize Photo

posted November 6th, 2012
Personally, I don't agree with the winning photo but Scott Kelby does and it's his choice. I am surprised that only 1100 photos were submitted. I expected a lot more.
posted November 6th, 2012
@dmortega Actually, it says that he only saw one photo from each walk - the leader submitted their favorite. That's why the number is so low.
posted November 6th, 2012
@archaeofrog --- That makes more sense. Thanks.
posted November 6th, 2012
@dmortega I wonder if you can see what the winning photo from your own walk was though ...
posted November 6th, 2012
@archaeofrog -- I don't know. I'm trying to find out. When I do, I'll post it here.
posted November 6th, 2012
Yes you can, go to your photowalk page. It should be there.
posted November 6th, 2012
Oh, mines there in the Peoples Choice section. Page 6 Geraldton. How exciting!
posted November 6th, 2012
@dmortega Aha! Well, mine wasn't picked. The winning one for my walk was a bit unfair though, because they changed our location due to rain. Some people still went to the original location, and that's the shot that got picked. Ah well. It was still fun!
posted November 7th, 2012
@dmortega - yeah i agree i dont think the winning photo, but its his preference i guess
posted November 8th, 2012
I actually really like the winning photo for all the reasons he stated, except the fact that she's just standing there so obscured by the umbrella prevents me from truly connecting to it. Of the finalists he chose, I liked the one of the people under the arch with the snow falling the best.
posted November 9th, 2012
I won the 'best photo' on my walk & therefore, the e-book. You might think this was quite an accomplishment, but . . .

On my photo walk, there was only myself and one other photographer besides the leader and his wife. I think I submitted the only picture.

Guess that still makes it the best one! (In the people's choice, my pic is on page 15, the first "St. Charles" picture.)
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