Critique On Beauty Shoot

posted November 8th, 2012
Hi All,

Ok so I've done beauty shoots before but have to admit, never really understood them. I mean sure i got the gist of it but never really broke it down to understanding the various types of light modifiers and the QUALITY of light that they give you.

I did a bit of a beauty shoot last night and while i'm pleased with the results, wanted to get feedback as to what you all thought. Feel free to critique the image, lighting and my choice of model for the shoot but please do not critique the model herself.

posted November 9th, 2012
I like this image a lot! So let's see what could be optimized... When you look at the ears of the model.. they are a bit lightened from behind. Also on the side of the face you have this glow of light. Both are probably reflections from your background or the model caught some light from the lamps on the background. I think you used to lamps to get a white background? or are you shooting against a soft box?

You can try to have more distance between the model and the background. The background remains clear white while the model will catch less light from the background and/or the flashes for the background.
The catch light in the eyes is very nice! The skin color on the forehead of the model is at the edge of being overexposed... If this is a raw image, just tweak down the exposure by 0,1 or so... you see the blinking? that should not be there.

overall this is a very nice portrait! please see my critics just as suggestions and keep in mind... My truth is not your truth....
posted November 9th, 2012
I don't do portraiture or study lighting. But, the only personal issue I have is the grey shadows around her neck. The bright white back exacerbates the shadows and conflict with her ink. Just a personal, not a professional view.
posted November 9th, 2012
@jeromeg thanks for the input. Actually alot of what you're picking up is done by intent - very well picked up! I should probably have linked this first but I was following this as an example of high key beauty

yes the backdrop IS an octa and as a result is blown. Its what creates the light wrap around on the sides of the face
posted November 9th, 2012
@welcometocarolworld grey shadows are totally my fault and to be honest with you, this version is prior to me doing a bit more post on it where i lighten the area under her chin and also do a bit of red skin control
posted November 9th, 2012
I am no expert, so take it with a grain of salt.
I think if I was going to have the ink, I would have liked to see all of it and not cut it off.
I hope this isn't what you meant by critiquing the model, but I see makeup as changeable. I would rather have the eyebrows lighter. The are too demanding in the photo for me.
posted November 9th, 2012
I agree 100% with @tigerdreamer
But I'm not anything remotely close to even an amateur photographer
posted November 9th, 2012
@tigerdreamer Thanks for that, it's exactly what I wanted. What I meant was feedback on my choices as a photographer... I can get the model to change her makeup, I can compose / crop differently, I can change lighting, pose etc - and can even decide to use a different model.
But I can't tell a model to remove tatts :)
posted November 9th, 2012
@mej2011 Thanks melissa, much appreciated
posted November 17th, 2012
beauty shot have to tell us what we need to see..
if its the ink than show us more of the ink... if its the make up than make it clear .. the model is beautiful .. but the standing was to "simple" and because you took from us the most interesting part ( the second part of the ink ) than it look even more simple ,,
my advise .. take a little angle ... or show us a bit more of the buddy .. ( and ment couple inches down) good luck my friend
posted November 17th, 2012
@golzman That makes a lot of sense and reflectsthe general consensus. Many thanks for your input
posted November 17th, 2012
@toast you welcome =]
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