Canon 430EX II Speedlite--do I need a trigger?

posted February 22nd, 2012
It was recommended to me that I get a speedlite for my Canon 500d, and after doing a bit of research, I purchased the Canon 430EX II Speedlite.

However, I am completely new to speedlites. Do I NEED a trigger for it?

Any information would be helpful!
posted February 22nd, 2012
To use this flash off of the hot-shoe, you need to use a cord or a Canon ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter. Otherwise, you have to use it on the top of the camera. The Canon 600D (t3i) is the first to introduce the wireless flash control right on camera.

Other option is to buy a radio transmitter (which is a better solution than the canon's) and it enables you to fire flash from a great distance.
posted February 22nd, 2012
@gabrielklee I guess it depends on if you want to fire it off camera.....

Like @gabrielklee said you can get an ETTL cord (make sure it is an ETTL as not all cords are) and you can fire it that way. I have a ST-E2 but I would invest in a 580 EXIi before that, as the 580 can be a master ans slave. It also means you can control the slave right off you camera not some thing you can really do with the ST-E2. The same is said for most cheap transmitters, you can fire the flsh you just can not control it.
posted February 22nd, 2012
You seriously couldn't have gotten better advice from anyone else!!! Those guys know there stuff.
posted February 22nd, 2012
@agima by the way, i am delving into the realms of flash photography recently. I bought a 580 EX II a week ago, did you know that? I am just too excited to try new things at the moment!

@kaseycarroll search for the PDF this blog has. It basically has 400 pages about canon flash units. Its unbeliavebly good.
posted February 22nd, 2012
i mean "unbelievably". sorry for that.
posted February 23rd, 2012
@gabrielklee No I didn't know that. The world really open up with off camera flash. Do you Dave a cord or transmitter?

@jenp You are too kind.
posted February 23rd, 2012
@agima i have a Canon t3i, i can use the pop-up flash as a master unit. But what i dislike it being unable to place the flash behind a person, to light her from behind, hidden from the camera. It misfires. The only solution i find is with radio transmitters (which are expensive and i don't have yet).

@jenp i am new to this but thanks! i've been busy these days learning these things, studying a lot. I have watched several videos on the topic and read a book or two on this topic also.

Another good advice (i believe i got somewhere on the forum here from @jinximages) is to go after Zack Aria's OneLight Workshop. It explains a HUGE lot about the usage of flash covering theory and practice with real jobs in the field. Also anything Joe McNally and Dave Hobby do. They all use nikon, not our case here but it isn't about the brand, it's about lighting. Buy McNally's book about flash photography: "Hot-shoe diaries". It's freaking brilliant.
posted February 23rd, 2012
@gabrielklee Mate do you have a reflector??? You can use that to bounce the trigger around the person.
posted February 23rd, 2012
totally agree with what everyone's saying about when you'd want to use off camera flash - for the time being maybe you can just try bouncing if off the ceiling / wall / anything... however I think that the Canon ST-E2 is crazy for what most of us amateurs would need.

Ive got a pair of radio triggers which do the trick nicely. Put the transmitter on your camera hotshoe, the receiver at the bottom of the camera. Personally I think forget the cable as it just leads to potential danger of tripping etc

I'd then team this up with a stand :

And either a holder + umbrella

Or my current favourite a collapsible softbox - comes complete with the holder which attaches directly to the stand

The last option is the setup that i've used in a few of my 365 images... this one is the most recent
posted February 23rd, 2012
@agima can you believe i never thought of that? great tip. I will try it! thanks!
posted February 23rd, 2012
@toast Yes having cords around is a pain however the control you get is fantastic. As mentioned the cheap triggers don't allow for the control over the remote flashes as you would want.

The best of both world is you can control our groups of lights from the camera but these triggered are not cheap but well worth the money if yo do this a bit. @gabrielklee @jenp
posted February 23rd, 2012
@agima agree about the control... I guess it doesnt really bother me too much since i havent really done alot of speedlight flash off camera or if i do, I meter and adjust and re-meter if i move the model or flash :)
posted February 24th, 2012
you guys are going to have to give me a tutorial once this comes in the mail, you geniuses!
posted March 4th, 2012

posted February 27th, 2013
I have had a very frustrating day trying to use youngnuo radio triggers with the high speed sync of my 430ex and basically they don't work (either in ETTL mode or M mode) They are great for anything up to the cameras sync speed but after that they don't seem to talk to the camera/flash so I can't get a higher shutter speed. I have tried the lead that came with them but that is no good either. Does anyone know if the dedicated ETTL cord that has been mentioned here would work with them or is it a case of biting the bullet and paying out for the real triggers if I want to get high shutter speeds . Sorry to hijack your topic @kaseycarroll but thought my comments might help you or others (and I know some people getting very annoyed if you start a new topic that is already covered !!)
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