Getting the best shots from the field

posted January 12th, 2017
KIRO Radio Seattle - Dori Monson show podcast hour 2:

GUEST: Rod Mar, Seahawks photographer, on what goes into his prep and how he gets the best shots from the field

DISCLAIMER: The Dori Monson Show is on KIRO Radio 97.3FM in Seattle and is a political talk show. This is not posted for any political agenda, but for the Seahawks photographer interview, which is at the 18:05 mark of the podcast, use the slider to advance to that part and listen. I requested that they post the interview as a separate item, but I guess that that is not going to happen.

Dori hosts the Seahawks pre-game, half time and post-game shows on the Seahawk's radio network.

I found it interesting, others may find it boring, or you may not care at all.

11 Jan 2017-hour 2-Dori Monson
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