December 3rd, 2017
I just posted a picture and it is a slightly wrong version. I'd like to delete and replace but I don't see if there is a way to do it. Is there? Thanks!
December 3rd, 2017
Hi - double click on your image and bring up all the details ie your narrative, tags etc. Under the picture is a small pencil icon. Click on this and scroll down - you will find a box which you can tick to delete your post. Then you can begin again. hope this helps.
December 3rd, 2017
Don't know how I missed it. Thank you, Cherrill!
December 4th, 2017
if you ever have this problem and there have been comments and favs you want to keep you can use the overlay feature of picmonkey. have you discovered this feature of ace membership yet? find the edit with picmonkey down in the box on the right where it details which album, exif etc. the overlay is the butterfly icon.
December 5th, 2017
Thanks, Kali. Very good to know. I haven't played with picmonkey yet. Maybe I'll have a go.
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