Photo Scavenger Hunt

posted December 16th, 2010
Anyone in? I thought this would be a neat way to see how everyone interprets differnt items.

I started this over the summer but didnt get far.

Anyone else in???

I figured to share what we get we can up load them to flickr or another online album and then share the link.

Here is the list I am using:

Take a picture with a mannequin.
Find something red hanging from the ceiling.
Find three different styles of trashcans.
Take a picture by a caution sign
Take a picture of a friend at the bottom of an escalator from the top.
Take a picture on a piece of living room furniture.

Take a picture with a stranger who has the same hair color as you.
Find a street that begins with the letter B, and take a picture under the street sign.
Get a picture of a wild animal (duck, deer, wild buffalo, etc.)
Find, and take a picture with a "dead end," or "no outlet" sign.
Take your picture in a port-a-potty
Take a picture next to an emergency vehicle.

Five different red items.
Three generations.
Hands and feet.
Book spines.
Musical Instrument. One or more.
Flower. One or more.
Light filtering through tree leaves.
Sand, dirt or stone.
Road sign.
Natural wonder.

band aid
bobby pin
box tops
brown paper sack
business cards (3 or more)
candy wrapper
canceled stamp
cotton swab
used dryer sheet
empty toilet paper roll
golf tee
hotel guest soap
Grocery store receipt
paper airplane
paper clip
paper plate
piece of chalk
plastic Easter egg
plastic spoon
soup can label
ticket stub
walking a dog
in front of a fire hydrant
at a local landmark
with a Walmart greeter
in front of a McDonalds
with a statue
inside an elevator
something furry
something rough
something hot
something cold
something white
something black
something that bounces

A hula-hoop
A Black teddy bear
A Zippo lighter
A key ring with 50 keys on it
A non-round coin
A Starbucks paper coffee cup
A funnel
A boomerang
A pine cone
The business card of a gynecologist
A "Caution: wet floor" sign
An onion with shoots growing out of it
A balloon with an animal printed on it
A piggy bank shaped like a pig
50 green colored M&Ms
50 brown colored M&Ms
A Mickey mouse sticker

Boat or jet-skis on a trailer
Car being towed by a wrecker
Car on a lift at a service station
Convertible with the top down
Flag - Non US country (for people in the US)
Flag- from the US (for people not in the US)
Person pushing a baby stroller
Road construction
Someone on a bicycle
Someone on a skateboard
Bouncy house
Carnival or street fair
Someone holding a sign
Someone on a horse
Someone washing a car - not at a commercial car wash
Someone with a funny hat
Train at a railroad crossing
Car with a dog hanging out the window

Ketchup Packet
Blue Hanger
Price Tag that reads $4.79
Single Square of Toilet Paper
Movie ticket stub
Perfume or Lotion Sample
Sugar Packet
Paper with the word "sale" on it in all caps
Pin or Needle (of the sewing kind)
Napkin with a lip print on it
Any piece of paper with a professional sports team logo on it
An empty fast food cup

Any coin from the 1980s
Sock with yellow in it
Video rental membership card
Receipt for dry cleaning
Black shoelace
A Music box or something that lays music that is not an instrument
A leaf
Gum wrapper

Wild Flowers
Dead tree
Stream or creek
Y-shaped twig
Hole in a tree
Fungus on a tree
Butterfly or moth
Spider web
Birds nest
Insects on a tree
Reflection in the water
Rotten wood

Food Cooking in a microwave
A cow
something with a Monkey on it
A vegetable growing in a garden
3 or more baby bottles
something knitted or crocheted
someone reading a book
a rubber duck
church steeple
a piece of medical equipment
An empty photo frame
A Disney character stuffed animal
a beach ball
something with polka dots
three different colored flip-flops
Curly slide at a playground
3 out of state license plate
cell phones from at least 3 different carriers (at&t, verizon....)
Bank Clock
3 packs of different flavored gum
An old Photo
Dream Catcher

a map of your state - and you have to point out where your town or city is!
a neon sign (like one that says pizza or for a beer company)
6 toys cars (like Hot Wheels or Matchbox ones)
a toy train
a free promotional pen (must have company's info on it)
a bank deposit slip or envelope
a word search puzzle
a watch battery
a board game being played
a plastic fork
a used ink cartridge
Christmas cards
a number candle
posted December 16th, 2010
posted December 16th, 2010
That's a monster of a list! I'm in :)
posted December 16th, 2010
Oh yeah forgot to say you dont have to do the whole list. But I figured what a challenge!
posted December 16th, 2010
WHOA! Now THAT'S a LIST. =))
posted December 16th, 2010
Yep, I'm in! I'll incorporate this into everything else that I am doing. One can never have too many sources for ideas. :-)

I set up my flickr set with the first thing.
posted December 16th, 2010
I'm going to make an attempt at it. :) I will put the pictures in a separate 365 album and tag them scavhunt.
posted December 16th, 2010
So what do we have to do tomorrow!!!!! Haha.
posted December 16th, 2010
I guess we don't have to snap in order of how they're listed??? I'm in, and just started my free flicker page- is there a prize for getting everything as fast as possible and are you allowed to use previous shots from the past that one has posted on 365?
posted December 16th, 2010
Well gosh, it certainly gives me some ideas! I don't have a pro flickr account though so I can't upload very many photos there because then they delete my older photos.

Sounds fun!
posted December 17th, 2010
What a list, I agree. I do which they give you assignment everyday and 365, so what's one more project, lol Alot of things listed that are a challenge for me for sure, sounds like alot of fun.
@ Karen if you will copy your pics and resize them in a program you can add all you want on Flicker. I had that problem with doing my dailyshoot, but now I resize them and load all I want. Hope this will help and Katie, I'm in :-)
posted December 17th, 2010
No prize just fun! And you can use any shots!

To all it does not have to be a flickr account I am actually looking into doing a photo bucket album instead as I dont like flickr.

Here is the link to my photo bucket account:
posted January 2nd, 2011
This sounds like fun, expecially since I am just starting out, this will give me something to try..will post under album Scavenger Hunt. Mine will be on here and my facebook page as I do not use the flicker site or photo bucket. Thanks and looking forward to starting this.
posted January 2nd, 2011
This is a fantastic idea! I'm definitely doing this list!
posted January 2nd, 2011
This is fantastic! SO creative and fun! but I don't have a Flikr acount! I promise if I did I'd be SO in!!!
posted January 2nd, 2011
I'm in. I will begin posting pics through out the year.
posted January 3rd, 2011
You dont have to have a flickr account. You can use like photobucket or another site as long as you can post a link.
posted January 3rd, 2011
Holy FREAK, that's a helluva list!! (I know I'm being redundant!) I'll be sure to peek at it when I'm lost for inspiration or have taken pictures of the same dumb thing over and over....
posted January 4th, 2011
posted January 4th, 2011
Wow!!!!! Crazy, in a good way. I'm in. Love a challenge! Thanks, Katie. Great!
posted January 5th, 2011
I am so up for this!!! I am just creating a tinypic account!!! I am also going to just use the list you have above...I wonder how many we can all get!!

I hope this link works!
posted January 6th, 2011
I'm down!! I will start tonite.. :0)
posted January 7th, 2011
This sounds like a ton of fun! can't wait to get started. i'm going to tag them scavhunt here and on flickr
posted January 7th, 2011
Im in! this looks like sooo much fun!!!
posted January 10th, 2011
Made some headway today!
posted January 10th, 2011
Criminy Crickets! can we pick a couple? ")
posted January 10th, 2011
hahaha this list goes on and on and on! Woowzers!
posted January 10th, 2011
I'm already doing one.
posted January 10th, 2011
I like it. It looks fun. I may give it a shot.
posted January 15th, 2011
I know it has already been said. . . but what a list!!! I am going to try (once I figure out how to setup a photo account) I'll post the link
posted January 16th, 2011
My pictures are all pretty random already. I'm in.
posted January 24th, 2011
Sounds like a good idea, I may have to try this out on a photobucket account or something. You didn't give a time limit so it'd give something to do while on vacations and whatnot as well.
posted December 19th, 2011
Holy Cow! I do mean cow.
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