∞∞what are you waiting for?∞∞

posted December 7th, 2017
there's beauty all around you

seek it out

crouch down in the gutter and shoot that manhole cover

notice the lines of that garbage bin next to the skip

look at the way the bits in the sink land after you've pulled the plug on the washing up

take the shot in the street that'll make someone come up to you and say 'what on earth are you taking a picture of?'

i once photographed the side of my recycling bin spattered with mud - macro lens - bokeh to die for ...

i'm waiting to hear from you and so is all of 365. you have the whole weekend to flood the eotb90 tag with your art and beauty. by midnight gmt on monday 11 i will have called time. and you surely don't want to miss out on all the fun?

posted December 7th, 2017
Ok!!! Will give it a shot!!!
posted December 7th, 2017
@30pics4jackiesdiamond excellent news :)
posted December 8th, 2017
ahhhhh I will do my best to remember :)
posted December 9th, 2017
OK @pistache, I'll bite. I got some funny looks in the parking lot this morning...

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