Calling for Entries ETSOOI-93 - Duo tones

February 4th, 2018
Thank you to @northy for hosting the last go around, and to everyone who played along :)

This time around i'm going to set a theme of duo tones or predominantly 2 colours... meaning that your submission needs to be two colour, or varying shades of two colour... Google duotones and you will see lots of ideas. Most editing programmes have a duotone setting. Failing that, any photo with mostly 2 colours is fine

This is what the ETSOOI challenge is all about:

"ETSOOI is an acronym started by MaryBeth @espyetta. It stands for EDITING THE SORRY-NESS OUT OF IT which basically means editing your picture in any way you like.

If you are new to editing/processing here are some great tools to use besides photoshop:

You can also use mobile/cell apps such as:

Pencil Sketch Free
Deep Art Effects

You can use more than one program/app per image. This challenge is very relaxed so just have a play around with your picture and see what you can create.

The challenge starts now, Friday February 2, and will close on Friday, February 15. Two weeks of editing craziness :)

You can enter as many images as you like but they must have been taken within the time frame. The winner will host the next ETSOOI challenge.

Please tag your pictures etsooi-93

Happy editing & have fun!
February 9th, 2018
The Amaryllis hides so many secrets
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