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October 28th, 2020
Thanks so much to @marloes for hosting the last round of the etsooi challenge - I was thrilled to be declared the winner, and it was an extremely close-run thing!

I proudly hereby declare the new ETSOOI-125 as being opened ;)

This is the perfect time to take an image and play with processing! ETSOOI is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and to try some programs you have never used before.

ETSOOI is an acronym started by MaryBeth @espyetta. It stands for 'Editing The Sorry-ness Out Of It' - which basically means editing your picture in any way you like. The only rule is that your starting image must be taken within the time frame of this challenge.

Start date : backdated to 16 October 2020
End date : 13 November 2020
Tag: etsooi-125

See the latest entries here:


Are you new to editing/processing? Don't be afraid to play around a bit with your pics ;) Here are some great websites you can use (besides Photoshop):

www.befunky.com (is also available as a free app on your phone)

And remember that www.picmonkey.com is available to all ACE members - perfect to do some final touch ups after uploading your image. To utilise this, just check out the section labelled 'Photo Detail' underneath your thumbnails after you have uploaded your entry.

You can also use mobile/cell apps such as:
Pencil Sketch Free
Deep Art Effects

You can enter as many images as you like, however, only one of your entries can be chosen as a finalist. The winner has the honour to host the next ETSOOI challenge. Also, feel free to post your entries to this thread to keep this challenge visible in the jungle of 365 challenges ;)

I very much look forward to seeing what this unbelievably creative and artistic community comes up with!
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