How I Multiplied Myself

posted November 19th, 2009

I recently posted this photograph and I thought I'd share a how-to for making your own.

It's really quite simple if you have photoshop If you don't I'm sure there is software out on the web to do a similar type of thing.

This post pretty much says it all. I've done this a few times and this guys technique is how I would recommend doing it.

Because some of the "Me's" were overlapping I had to spend quite some time blending and cutting around edges to get it just right.

I used a similar technique for this photo...

with this one I just took an empty photo then one of myself then one of the back of my jumper and merged them as best I could.

Have fun making your own I hope to see some appearing soon :-)
posted November 19th, 2009
You stole my idea (joking) actually I thought I will take a photo for the self-portrait theme as you did anyway nice photos. ^^
posted November 19th, 2009
This is the coolest thing ever! Good job! I have the photo shop suite and don't know the first thing about it. It seems so intricate.
posted November 19th, 2009
thanx for the link ross! i'm definetely tryin a few of these :) again great work!
posted November 21st, 2009
I love it. I'm going to have to try this one day.
posted January 4th, 2010
This is so going on my todo list for this year :-D
posted January 6th, 2010
haha these photos are the best. i love making them
posted January 15th, 2010
Yay, today I took this as a theme for my photo. Used the information from the article you linked to do it, worked like a charm!

This is the result:
posted January 31st, 2010
That's awesome
posted February 2nd, 2010
That is too cool!
posted June 10th, 2010
posted June 12th, 2010
OH! I want to try this!
posted June 17th, 2010
posted June 18th, 2010
HOLY. CRAP. I just did a few days ago when I was bored and alone in the basement. Not a shock that someone else would do it, but that I would see it here so soon.

Good stuff!
posted June 24th, 2010
very cool :) thanks for sharing!
posted August 1st, 2010
thanks for sharing!! i wish i saw this sooner! anyways.. heres my attempt i tried todayy!

posted January 27th, 2011
@Scrivna That post on PetaPixel is fantastic. Thanks for sharing (again)!
posted January 29th, 2011
So cool! I hope to try this soon!
posted January 31st, 2011
This is so very cool... I guess the first step for me is to get a copy of photoshop?
posted February 4th, 2011
I tried this yesterday but with a toy skateboard to try out the technique.
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