Chronicles from the street #2 by domenicododaro

Chronicles from the street #2

The silence was so dense that the rumbling of the motor came almost as a relief. The truck bullied the center of the road, slowing down at the red traffic light. You could almost smell the driver's thought about the runner and his bike.
«It’s just us and them. Us or them.»
Another great b&w image and in this series
April 5th, 2020  
Not much clearance. Hope he doesn’t drive in a pothole
April 5th, 2020  
I'm enjoying the silence if not the reasons for it. We live in the 'burbs but see photos of the CBDs of both Melbourne and Geelong and there's hardly a vehicle or person to be seen.
April 5th, 2020  
@seattlite Thank you so much!
@jgpittenger Hahaha, in Rome, it’s almost impossible not to drive in a pothole!
@golftragic That’s how it feels here. I love silence, and I have been longing to go to my place in the countryside in Sardinia to enjoy that perfect absence of artificial noises. But in the city, even if it is the most natural thing, it sounds paradoxically unnatural.
April 5th, 2020  
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