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Whee! Here's to 2019 & year 5! 5... Hachi machi! I continue to be inspired by everyone here and I try and learn as much as I can! I just need to always stay focused on taking something daily! I've made so many friends and seen so much of the world through their eyes/lenses - when I'm not here - I miss you all! This continues to be a joy and fun! Thank you all for everything you add to my life and I hope I can someday, return the favor in even the smallest way!

I live on the central coast of California (Pismo Beach area - Monarch Butterflies, birds, ocean and all sorts of good stuff). Love photography, I started very young, when it was film. I remember waiting torturous weeks for my first camera to arrive in the mail (It was probably from the back of a cereal box or magazine) I was about 7. My grams gave me a kodak instamatic 110 for Christmas when I was 11. A few Christmas' later, my parents gave me a 35mm, a Canon Rebel (think Andre Agassi). A big deal because w/lens it was over $400 and that was a hefty sum! Dear friends intro'd me to the Dslr and oh so much fun again! Then 365...