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Live on the central coast of California (think Pismo Beach, Morro Bay area - Monarch Butterflies, birds, ocean and all sorts of good stuff). Love photography. A fun hobby that I started when I was very young, when it was film. I can remember waiting those torturous 4 to 6 weeks for my first camera to arrive in the mail (It was a cheapie my folks let me order, as a kid). I have one old BnW somewhere, from that camera - I was about 7 or 8. As I got a bit older, I remember my grams getting me a kodak instamatic 110 (wow whee). As a teen my parents got me my first 35mm SLR as a gift. A big deal as it was well over $300.00, including some nice zeiss lenses and all sorts of good stuff! Back then, that was a hefty sum. A Canon AE1. I seemed to always have 2 minoltas that I carried, too. A few years back I futzed around with a Kodak digital but wasn't really that excited with it - then friends turned me on to the joys of modern DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras (and 365project, as well)! Wheee for real! I continue to be inspired by everyone here and I try and learn as much as I can! I just need to always stay focused ;-)