Slow progress by eudora

Slow progress

I was searching for an old Methodist church established in the early 1800's by circuit riding pastors. I never found it but after a wrong turn wound up in the town of Jackson, Louisiana. I remember this 1825 house; they seem to have acquired a red door since I last saw it. (I'm not being critical--where would you start to renovate a house in this condition?)

It was a little embarrassing, though. I had a GPS and was driving on good roads and I couldn't find what I was looking for. How did the circuit riders find their churches, traveling by horseback through the woods on dirt roads?
Nice old wooden house. Lovely details.
May 30th, 2024  
Great old home, two front doors is intriguing. I have learned GPS compasses have moments of absolutely not knowing where they are. Jerry and I roamed Kansas back roads for an hour one time looking for a park of all things.
May 30th, 2024  
Interesting building… it almost looks like a third door but I guess it is a window. It is also interesting that with all of our modern technology that you can’t always find what you are looking for.
May 30th, 2024  
Great shot of this old house and good to know someone is working on it! I wouldn’t know where to start.

I imagine the people relied more on their brains than electronics and in the long run I think that’s more reliable
May 30th, 2024  
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