Early Morning Light

I was so pleased to see the sun this morning since this week's get pushed challenge from photogq is shadows.
The golf course was quiet when I wandered it with camera in hand.
@gq Here is one shadow shot for you - will have another one tomorrow!
posted December 7th, 2017  
awesome perspective, wendy. aces!
posted December 7th, 2017  
love those shadows
posted December 7th, 2017  
Love morning light
posted December 7th, 2017  
Beautiful shadows.
posted December 7th, 2017  
Fabulous morning light!
posted December 8th, 2017  
Good light and nice composition. I like the depth.. I'm drawn through the gap to the bridge and the path beyond. The b/w treatment enhances this I think because there is no colour distraction. My only reservation concerns the right hand quarter which pulls my eyes that way and I don't think it merits the attention! Not sure where I'd make the crop though.
posted December 13th, 2017  
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on so many of my photos - really appreciate it - especially since I haven't had as much time to spend on 365 as I would like.
I know what you mean about the shadow pulling your eye to the right. This was a shadow challenge so i incorporated the shadow and gave it far more importance than I normally would have.
There was always something that bothered me about this photo and now I think I know what it is.
I wanted the bridge and path to be a background to the shadow and inadvertently made them the focus yet the shadow was to be the main object.
I should have lined them up with one leading to the other - or disregarded one altogether and concentrated on the other. The two strong focal points pull against each other ... live and learn!
posted December 13th, 2017  
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