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Late September, 2016 update
My initial feelings of intimidation are now gone as I grow as a photographer. I am developing my own unique style as I explore the limits of my camera and techniques that allow me to push those limits.

And throughout this transformation I have fallen head over heels in love with photography. The support and encouragement of the 365 community, along with the critique, guidance, and advice offered by its’ friends and followers has proven invaluable during this process.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am really not a very good photographer but I am a work in progress. I take a ton of really poor photos, but occasionally I do hit on one that everyone wants to see. I get childishly delighted when those occasional photos go popular, or even trending. It is those photos, and the desire to create more of them, that keeps me going.

While uploading photos SOOC – straight out of the camera – with little post processing other than a touch of cropping is still my favored goal I am slowly learning how to improve my photos with Photoshop Elements 14. This is not easy for a tech nerd such as me but again, I am willing to learn.

By the way, many of the photos in my Life SOOC album have had post processing done to them. The title has more to do with the fact that the photos are a slice of my life as seen through the eyes of a camera rather than whether the photo has been altered in any way. Sorry to offend anyone who find this term obnoxious. All photos in my Altered States album have been edited.

I try to comment faithfully on my friend’s photos, but I occasionally fall behind when life gets in the way. So sorry! While I seldom thank people for their comments and favs on my photos unless a question or comment warrants it, please know that I appreciate each and every one of them. Time is precious and I would rather spend my time viewing and commenting on other’s photos.

For my get pushed partners, I have compiled a list of challenges issued to me so far. Please do not feel you cannot issue a challenge I have been given already. I am of the opinion that a person can always improve on a previous challenge as they grow.

Also, my hubby works during the week so the weekends are really busy since they only time that we can do farm work together. I may not issue my challenge to you until late Sunday or early Monday morning.

Here are get pushed challenges I have done:
221 B&W domestic shot
220 B&W geometric shot
219 Take a line from my favourite book or poem and take a picture to represent it
218 No challenge issued.
217 Night time shots with a bonus if stars and the moon are involved.
216 Grunge photo of farm machinery
215 Architecture
214 Take a photo of a grotto
213 Panning
212 Still life with at least 5 items
211 Black and white abstract
210 Water reflections
209 Reverse panning (allowing the moving object to move through your stationary camera)
208 Take a photo to show relaxation.
203 Take photos of architecture
202 Build a floral still life and use natural light to photograph it
201 Do a diptych
198 Use shadows in a creative way in a b&w format.
197 Urban shot
196 I was asked to go through my Favorites album and replicate some of them
195 Take an ordinary kitchen utensil and ETSOI it.
194 Take a macro shot
193 Abstract photography
192 Take photos using long exposure.
191 Take a golden hour photo or sunset.
102 B&W details of buildings
101 Do B&W photography,
81 My partner noticed that I take mostly rural scenes so challenged me to take mechanical shots
77 Take a shot using negative space
76 Put my passion for gardening into a photo.
75 Capture the statement “Farming is life” in an image or set of images
74 The challenge focused on lights - especially since Christmas time has so many of them.
73 Abstract picture that I would hang on the wall.
72 Do a diptych or triptych that tells a story in SOOC
69 Black and white town photo
68 Get off the farm and take a photo of your town
67 My get pushed partner wanted to see examples of homemade
66 Tell us of one of your brightest happy memories and convey that memory to us
65 Forced perspective
64 Do an artsy photo with fall colours
63 Take a self portrait

By the way, I am still an opinionated beef and sheep farmer, passionate gardener, and red neck farm reporter who firmly believes that a country that cannot feed itself is destined to lose its' sovereignty. Farming is life.

Yay! Finally got enough pics on popular page to warrant this note! View them here.


At the beginning:
I first felt intimidated by the quality and professionalism of the photos on this site and tried to imitate them. But, that is not who I am!

Yes, I do want to improve my photographic skills, but more importantly to me, I want 365 Project to become a journal of my life.

So, many of the photos found here will be plain snapshots and not at all artistic. But, over time, they will be a chronicle of who I am that all can look back on.

I am an opinionated beef and sheep farmer, passionate gardener, and red neck farm reporter who firmly believes that a country that cannot feed itself is destined to lose its' sovereignty. Farming is life.

Eastern Ontario, Canada