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A group of photographers who use different types of kit, have different styles and skills. We upload weekly but alternate weeks there is a theme and it's fun to see seven takes by seven photographers on a single subject.

MONDAY - Katrina @koalagardens I am restoring native habitat on my property in northern NSW Australia. I started here with a bridge camera, and now have an Olympus OMD E-M10MarkII. In this project I plan to step out of my usual style of photography and try something different each week.

TUESDAY - Jackie @30pics4jackiesdiamond South England. Pentax K70 D-SLR, Panasonic Lumix TZ80 Point and Click or Android 'phone. Can take 100s to achieve THE right shot or just point, shoot and upload.

WEDNESDAY - Debbie @shutterbug49 living in Northern California. My only camera is my iPhone 14 Pro. I love taking and creating photos and trying new editing tricks. I help residents in the community with their computers and mobile devices.

THURSDAY - Anne @365anne Hello! I am from Cambridgeshire in the UK. I am delighted to be joining the group. I have just ventured into the world of the dslr having used a bridge camera for the last 6 years. I bought a Nikon d5600 just a couple of weeks ago so am on a steep learning curve. I do not have any editing software so most of my shots are SOOC!

FRIDAY - Laura @la_photographic I am from Northern Ireland I generally take images as I see them SOOC although I do occasionally play around in Photoshop or other editing software to either manipulate my images or else to create montages or panoramas. It is usually either an Android phone or a Fujifilm compact camera I use (although I sometimes use a DSLR or film cameras).

SATURDAY - Granagringa @granagringa Real name Madeline, living in Salem, Oregon, USA I shoot with a SONY A6000 or a Canon SX620 point & shoot. I'm probably one of the few Oregon photographers who doesn't do a lot of landscapes. Love trying to be odd and creative, perhaps to my mind/eye only, but so be it.

SUNDAY - Jacqueline @jacqbb I’m living in Soest, the Netherlands, love cats and learning to be a better photographer. I use an Olympus OM-D E-M10II.


Photographer friends who were a part of our project for a little while

- Jake @jakes Northwest Montana, I like using photoshop almost as much as I like using my cameras, and the still think mirrors are cool. Nikon D750, Nikon D610, IPhone SX Max.

- Lacy @lacykent I live on the central coast of California. I work as a photographer, but rarely take the time to shoot for pleasure anymore, so I am happy to be part of a group that pushes me to be more creative! I’m a lover of black and white photos, my niece, beer and coffee! iPhone and Canon 5D Mark IV.

- Ira @Ira
- Talea @rainebeforedawn I'm currently living in Colorado and am a mom of 2 amazing kids--no joke! I love art and portraits in all forms and coffee, definitely love coffee. I'm embarking on a new phase of my life and some of that will come out here as I learn to navigate this new landscape and explore visual story telling.

-Dee @aussie-chic

- Rob @robz I'm strictly a hobby photographer who owns a camera which can fit into my pocket - a Canon PowershotSX620HS. It's little and fun - but has some severe limitations. I do like the IT component of this hobby - and seem to have a crazy liking for abstracts.

- Diana @ludwigsdiana I live in Stellenbosch SA. I only started taking photos about three years ago with a small Canon Ixus. I don't understand why I did not start earlier! I now have a Panasonic FZ 80 bridge camera. I can edit a photo for ages until I am happy with the result.

- Wendy @farmreporter Hubby calls me a photo-aholic and a garden-aholic meaning that I am much easier to get along with if I have a camera in my hand or dirt under my fingernails!
We are located in beautiful Glengarry County, Eastern Ontario, Canada where I can often be found roaming the roads seeking new photo opportunities with my Nikon 7200. As a computer Luddite, I do not do a whole lot of post processing. I plan on making 2020 the year of the camera so I may actually change that. Keep tuned!

Our Popular Page photos can be found here courtesy of Alexis. http:///alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=thedarkroom