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1) Fiddlehead Maze by Peter Dulis 2) The raindrops on the leaf by haskar 3) The Locals by Babs 4) Singing for All to Hear by Milanie 5) About to Pop by Taffy 6) Morning catch by PhotoCrazy 7) Two Brown Pelican Pairs by Jane Pittenger 8) An Amazing Sight by carol white 9) Enjoying the morning sun by Diana 10) Pale Pink by *lynn 11) Swan lake...... by... Read more
1) White Morph Reddish Egret by PhotoCrazy 2) Patiently waiting by Diana 3) Reflections at Wolf Point by Taffy 4) Columbine by *lynn 5) Cloudy Toronto Sunrise by Peter Dulis 6) Yellowhammer by Issi Bannerman 7) Our Point by KWind 8) 2023-05-10 mudpants and swan feather by Mona 9) Mother's Day lunch by the lake by Wylie 10) Encircled by FBailey 11) In the hall by haskar 12) Resting Jay by... Read more
1) Brown Pelican by PhotoCrazy 2) 2023-05-08 rain by Mona 3) Leading the Way by FBailey 4) Quite the poser by Diana 5) Under the Crab Apple Tree by *lynn 6) Tornado Up Close by Carole Sandford 7) Rockface..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Bright like a light by Faye Turner 9) Still beautiful by haskar 10) Peace Lily by Peter Dulis 11) Yellow Rumped Warbler Struts... Read more
1) Watching and waiting by Diana 2) Sunrise Fishing by Peter Dulis 3) Dancing Milk Droplet by Taffy 4) Barred Owl at sunset by PhotoCrazy 5) I'm Watching You by Babs 6) Senetti Collage April 23 by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) The leaf by haskar 8) Clouds and sunset. Day29 by Dawn 9) Taking Flight by Chris Cook 10) Tree Blossoms by gloria... Read more
Thanks to everyone who took part in the last theme. We have reviewed all of the entries and have picked six finalists, which you can review below. You can also check out all of the Seasons theme entries here. The theme for May will be...."Out n About". This could be anything - your kids running around outside, playing sports, visiting the... Read more
1) African Darter by Diana 2) Willing to Wait by Milanie 3) Still Waters by Peter Dulis 4) Black-bellied Whistling Duck by PhotoCrazy 5) Northern Lights by *lynn 6) The light catcher by haskar 7) Autumn Colour by Nick 8) looking in my window by KoalaGardens🐨 9) it's raining chairs! by summerfield 10) Two heads are better than one by Faye Turner 11) Bleeding Heart by gloria jones 12) Male Water... Read more
1) Talking to the fish by Diana 2) Balsam Lake Duck Sunrise by Peter Dulis 3) Northern Flicker Takes Off by Taffy 4) FLOWERS by Call me Joe 5) Another Bridge by bkb in the city 6) A sitting shot by Maggiemae 7) Still working away by Faye Turner 8) Spring in the park by haskar 9) Got Lucky This Morning by Milanie 10) Magnolias in the... Read more
It's one of our favourite times of each month - that's right, we're announcing the latest 365project theme winner! But first, THANK YOU to everyone who reviewed the finalists and voted for a winner of March's "Depth of Field" theme. We're thrilled to reveal @pompadoorphotography as the winner! It fills us with joy to see newer members thriving in the 365... Read more
1) Sunrise Grasses by Peter Dulis 2) Thru the trees by PhotoCrazy 3) Easter Tulips by *lynn 4) A Chrysanthemum centre and bug by Dawn 5) Waiting for the new vintage by Diana 6) 2023-04-06 newbie on a misty day by Mona 7) Blooming time by haskar 8) Long-Eared Owl Hiding in a Tree by Taffy 9) Daffodils fractured..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Enteloma Hochstetteri... Read more
1) Hiding in the reeds by Diana 2) The dunk... by PhotoCrazy 3) White Pelicans by *lynn 4) Sumac Sunrise by Peter Dulis 5) Peaky Blinders by Phil Howcroft 6) Seagulls by haskar 7) Camels Paddling by Babs 8) Cherry Blooms by Mallory 9) Snowdrops still flowering.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) 2023-04-02 morning light by Mona 11) Praça do Comércio by ☠northy 12) Water Droplet by Carole... Read more
It's that time of the year already - we're already 3 themes in and a quarter of the way through 2023! We'd like to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone who took part in the last theme. We loved looking at your entries and have picked six finalists, which you can review below. (You can also check out all... Read more
1) Roseate Spoonbill by PhotoCrazy 2) Moeraki Boulders Otago beach by Dawn 3) Female Rufous Not Putting Up with Male by Jane Pittenger 4) Sun Through Clouds by Peter Dulis 5) Passion fruit by Diana 6) One of many flowers by haskar 7) Winter In The City.....Wildliife by bkb in the city 8) in the kindy by KoalaGardens🐨 9) Can I Come Finish Eating? by Milanie 10) Northern Lights... Read more