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1) Lines and arcs by haskar 2) Winter White by *lynn 3) Sunrise Over Chicago by Taffy 4) Like me, this little one stopped by to say hi! by PhotoCrazy 5) The Carnivorous Jellyfish by Peter Dulis 6) Moss by KWind 7) Snowshoe hare by Islandgirl 8) Icicle and a chickadee by Faye Turner 9) Cuban Car Glow by Junko Y 10) INGA by Call me Joe 11) It... Read more
1) Tree Reflections by Peter Dulis 2) Such special animals by Diana 3) Darkness by *lynn 4) Under a Dark Grey Sky by Issi Bannerman 5) The black poplar by haskar 6) FINALLY Found a Dewy Web by Milanie 7) Winter light by LManning (Laura) 8) Sinking Winter Sun by Carole Sandford 9) Eagle by gloria jones 10) The Pine Marten by Faye Turner 11) Ice Drop by... Read more
Time to announce the last winner of the 2022 themes!! Thanks to everyone who reviewed the finalists and voted for December's "Festive" theme finalists. We're excited to crown @novab as the winner! Our twice-in-a-row theme winner is a familiar lens in the 365 community, and we're thrilled to see they're continuing their 365project into 2023! We love how @novab played with... Read more
1) 2023-01-05 right time and right place by Mona 2) Morning Sunrise by Peter Dulis 3) It's Cold so I'll Just Hunker Here for a Nap by Taffy 4) Photographing after the storm by Joan Robillard 5) Moondance with the wolves by Call me Joe 6) Cloudy Sunrise by *lynn 7) They ate it by Diana 8) Evening on the beach by Wylie 9) A Little... Read more
1) Winter Trees by Peter Dulis 2) 2023-01-01 a first by Mona 3) Difficult to spot by Diana 4) Happy New Year! by *lynn 5) Some light in winter by haskar 6) Hello Sunrise by KWind 7) Enjoying the warm weather by Kerry McCarthy 8) I'm Ending 2022 in a Fog by Ann H. LeFevre 9) O Canada 2 by bkb in the city 10) Hoar Frost by Margaret... Read more
As we welcome 2023, we'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who's submitted photos to our monthly themes in 2022 - you folks are amazing! Each month we have so much fun reviewing your entries, discovering the stories behind the photos, and reading wonderful comments from the community. This year we're ready to do it all over... Read more
Header and thumbnail image credit goes to @novab Happy New Year, 365ers! As we roll into yet another year of the 365project we're reflecting on the previous year and feeling ever more grateful for this amazing community and your dedication to make each day count - the very words that sparked the creation of 365project 16 years ago! First of all, we'd like... Read more
1) Foggy Winter by Peter Dulis 2) Glowing paving stones by haskar 3) Kingfisher! by Richard Brown 4) Cheers!! by Call me Joe 5) Be still my beating heart by Diana 6) Varied Thrush by gloria jones 7) Merry Christmas by Milanie 8) Boxing Day Waves by KWind 9) Long Tailed Tit by Shepherdman's Wife 10) I'm a Sloth, but NOT a sloth! by Taffy 11) Nightwalk in Havana Rain... Read more
1) 2022-12-16 steady pace by Mona 2) An isolated Poppy by Diana 3) Lizzy by *lynn 4) Foil Surfer in the Fog by Chris Cook 5) Annual Christmas tree in the CBD Sydney. by John Falconer 6) Fircones....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) Toucan Shows Off its Favorite Snack by Taffy 8) Fun in the snow by haskar 9) The Raccoons Were Posing... Read more
Thanks to everyone who reviewed the finalists and voted for a winner of November's "Zoom" theme. We're thrilled to announce @novab as the winner! A familiar lens in the 365 community, Nova's creativity and attention to detail fills our feed with endless inspiration! We love the way @novab used her camera's Zoom to capture the atmosphere and intimacy of a Remembrance... Read more
1) The Storm rolled in...... by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Evening Arrival for Sandhill Crane by Taffy 3) The Ancient Spanish Monastery by Peter Dulis 4) Rays by Jane Pittenger 5) Two of a kind by Diana 6) Big Tree Little People by Richard Brown 7) Winter Fest at the Castle by KWind 8) Drama by Margaret Brown 9) Oak leaves by haskar 10) Must Remember to Fill that Feeder... Read more
1) Snow Geese on the Move by Taffy 2) Palm Tree reflects by Peter Dulis 3) Not really a flower by Diana 4) Pine by *lynn 5) On the coast by haskar 6) 2022-12-06 when the fog lifts by Mona 7) I was feeling creative….. by Shepherdman's Wife 8) From Horse to Fly by Yao RL 9) emerald dragonfly by KoalaGardens🐨 10) All of a Sudden - - by... Read more