What is 365 Project?

You're probably wondering what a 365 Project is and just why this site exists. Well you've stumbled upon a friendly place on the internet where we like to share memories, you take one photo each day of something you do. This helps you keep a journal of your life and remember the little day to day things that make life so valuable.

One photo a day

That's it, you just upload 1 photo, you don't have to do it on the exact day and nobody hunts you down if you miss a day. You can backdate photos, add comments to your pictures and share them with friends and family.

But... Why?

The idea is to build up a journal of your day to day life. Days usually just rush us by and we often forget lots of things we do. What were you doing Wednesday 14th July 2009? I bet you don't know! I do, and it's fun to look back on those old photos and remember things you would have otherwise forgotten. That is why I do a 365 Project.

Is it really free?

Yes! You can upload and run your project for years for absolutely free should you wish. Many of our members choose to support the community by upgrading their account to Ace membership, and that is how we keep the service running. There's no crazy sales pitch, honestly if you can't afford to upgrade, that's fine too.

Ace Membership

We offer some great new features available only to Ace members, these include Photo stats, personalised suggestions, extra albums to use as you wish, and much more. See the full list of reasons to upgrade on the Ace membership page.

What if I miss a day?

So what? The 365 police aren't going to come along and tell you off, this is a bit of fun, take it as seriously as you want, if you miss a day, just carry on the day after, don't lose hope and throw the towel in, just carry on. I've missed LOADS of days, but the point isn't to have it 100% full, it's to document and remember your life. Don't lose sight of that.

I'm not very good / my camera is old / I'm scared

It's not about being 'good' or having the best equipment, it's about remembering the little things in your life, so what if you're not producing amazing photos every day? I sure don't! I'm probably worse than you, and I just use my iPhone to take pictures, it doesn't matter! The community on 365 Project is really supportive, jump in and have fun.

Copyright? Who owns my photos?

You do. I don't want to own your photos, i'm sure they're lovely but I don't have any interest whatsoever in doing anything evil with them, I provide you a place to share them, that is all. You retain full copyright and ownership. I wont try and sell them or use them to facially recognise you on CCTV or pin them up in my bedroom or anything weird like that. Promise.

Privacy / Sharing

The standard Free accounts are visible to the public, you can choose to make your photos private to just friends & family with Ace membership.

iPhone / Android Apps

Currently we don't have any apps but you can use the site 100% via your web browser on your phone, we are in the process of making apps and hope to have them released very soon.

Who set up this site?

Ross Scrivener - I set up and run this site, i'm a photographer and web developer. I started doing a 365 Project in 2006 and thought that a site where the world could share theirs would be a great thing. I'm not an evil big corporation looking to make millions from selling your data or selling the site to InstaTwitBook whilst being bankrolled by venture capitalists. I'm just a guy running this site on a shoe-string because I think its valuable to the world.

Other Questions

Lots more answered on our FAQ page, or just email me. Be nice :-)

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