Getting Started

You're probably wondering what to do now, here's a quick rundown of how your project works.

  1. Take a photo every day I know it sounds obvious, but each day take your camera out and start taking photos of the things you do, go to the park with the kids? take the camera, go bowling with your friends, take your camera. Start building a photo diary of something special you've done each day.
  2. Upload your photo Now you've got your photo, upload it to this website, (the "upload" link at the top) Give your photo a title and a description, set the date and you have your first photo uploaded. You upload a single photo for each date in your calendar.
  3. Share with the community We're a big family on this website and you should get involved on the discussion boards and start commenting on other peoples photos. They in turn will comment on yours. We have a "follow" system where people can follow your progress and each day your photo will pop up on their 365 Project dashboard. You can follow other people who inspire you by visiting their page and clicking the follow link.
  4. Getting Help If you have any further questions, we have a page of Frequently Asked Questions and if you really get in a pickle, contact someone via the Support / Contact page There is a wealth of information in our discussion board, Getting started guide is a great article with lots of info for people just starting out.
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