365 Project Support

1) Check the FAQ for Answers
The Frequently Asked Questions page is full of common questions and answers that get asked on the site. Please check them first.
2) Search the discussion board
Have you tried searching the Discussion board for answers? Take a look over there, if you can't find an answer try starting a new discussion, the 365 community are the best & quickest place to find answers to your questions.
3) Message Me
If you've tried everything else, or the question you have is of a more sensitive nature, you can email me at ross@365project.org, please clearly state what the issue is and provide your username and any other relevant information / links. This is so I can help you as efficiently as possible.
Looking to partner or advertise with 365 Project?
We're open to discussion with anyone about partnering or providing services. Please contact me (Ross) at ross@365project.org and I'll do my best to help you out.