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1) Greetings from Florida! by TaffyR 2) Holiday tree by JdM 3) Green Woodpecker by Shepherdman's Wife 4) s'all in a days work innit by Graeme Stevens 5) on my way home by Jerome 6) I Bought Myself Flowers by KWind 7) Running Toward The Light by gloria jones 8) Home time by Dianne 9) High Surf At Dawn by Jane Pittenger 10) December1_2017_Sunrise_on_Rainier_365 by Trinda Love 11) murkwood... Read more
Another goal for many budding, and experienced photographers, is to be able to capture some action, which is the inspiration behind this week'd theme: motion! Wherever you are, theres a good chance you won't have to look far to spot something moving, whether it's a car zooming past, a bird flying overhead or a morning jogger striding past. Maybe you'll create your... Read more
1) Cold Feet by Jennifer 2) Lion King by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Corn Crib by *lynn 4) Island in the Snow by Islandgirl 5) Thanksgiving Hike by Jane Pittenger 6) Who's there by Claude Trew 7) Another Wet Morning by Milanie 8) Sad little swallows by Denise Wood 9) Who spotted who? by Lee 10) Day dreaming..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 11) climb to the summit by... Read more
This week we want to go back to basics with one of the first, but most effective, rules in the book, the rule of thirds! For many, this simple rule is one of the most useful when it comes to nailing a great composition - whether you're framing up a landscape or trying to get that macro shot of a bumble... Read more
1) Jacaranda Avenue by Babs 2) Tree Lighting at Millennium Park by TaffyR 3) the night giving way to the light by Jerome 4) Sycamore Gap by Jennifer 5) Early Light by *lynn 6) Sunrise Walk by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Black cat by Suzanne 8) I hope he got a good shot by Denise Wood 9) Reflections Under The Bridge by carol white 10) McDonald Lake Deer by... Read more
This week we want you to take a really detailed look at something and to get up close to your subject matter - for the weekly theme zoom! Whether you have fun getting close ups with your smartphone or experiment with a new macro lens, this week's theme is all about looking at things from a closer perspective than usual. From... Read more
1) Highland cattle by Shepherdman's Wife 2) 2017-11-13 evening stroll by Mona 3) Crab Apple by *lynn 4) ice glitter by Jerome 5) Pink Blur by FBailey 6) More Fern by KWind 7) Kaffir lily flowers....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Another Glacier Image by Karly 9) Joey by Jennifer 10) gunslinger by Graeme Stevens 11) To day was one of those day`s by Pyrrhula 12) On... Read more
Hey folks, apologies for missing a few weeks of the Top 20, we had a few technical challenges, here's the latest chart for last week. 1) Another Gray Day by *lynn 2) Moon Rise Behind the Clouds by TaffyR 3) at daybreak by Jerome 4) Stalker by Jennifer 5) A whiter shade of pink..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Nest building in... Read more
This week we're feeling inspired by pretty much everything - it's something so simple and normal that we most likely take it for granted. This week's theme is colour! This theme is wide open for you guys to really focus on what you love most, as long as it's colourful! Maybe you'll focus on capturing a composition made up entirely... Read more
We didn't have to look far for this week's inspiration - every living thing is/has one and what it does and can do is truly remarkable. This week's theme is body! A subject that's wide open with possibilities, it might be challenging to focus on a theme within the overall theme! But, with so many opportunities, we hope it's one... Read more
With Halloween tomorrow, we couldn't resist turning our attention to all things creepy and spooktacular for this week's theme, dark! Whether it's your favourite time of year or a celebration you'd prefer to bury alive, we hope a 'dark' theme will be something you can all have fun with. From ghouls and gargoyles to pumpkins and pussycats, Halloween props and... Read more
This week we want to be dazzled and amazed with the theme, magic! From magicial props and simple card tricks to optics illusions, clever after effects and forced perspective shots (y'know, the 'holding up' the leaning tower of Pisa stuff!) we think you'll have a lot of fun and mischief with this theme. Maybe you'll think a little more outside... Read more