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1) Winter Trees by Peter Dulis 2) Bathed in dew by haskar 3) Hello Ziggy! by Diana 4) Tree Walker by KV 5) Abstracted #2 by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) A lonesome mama by Margaret Brown 7) Fox hunt by Kerry McCarthy 8) Month of Hearts Review by KWind 9) Blue Sky 1 by Carole Sandford 10) Hiding In Plain Sight DSC_6977 by Merrelyn 11) Taking... Read more
1) Great Horned Owls by PhotoCrazy 2) Sharp-Skinned Hawk Enjoys the Sunset by Taffy 3) It looked like a roar by Diana 4) To fly or to slide by haskar 5) Abstracted......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Framed Moonset by KV 7) Has Chosen to Love by CC Folk 8) One Big Bite by Junan Heath 9) Cloudscape-2 by Brian 10) Green Lake by gloria jones 11)... Read more
1) Mum and her baby by Diana 2) Sunlite Grasses Sunrise by Peter Dulis 3) Bald Eagle abound! by PhotoCrazy 4) What a Poser! by Taffy 5) Contre Jour in Glen Fenzie by Issi Bannerman 6) Eagle by gloria jones 7) Smile by Babs 8) Flooded field by Beryl Lloyd 9) FOR2024 #17 by Shutterbug 10) Fanned Wings by KV 11) Over a FOOT by Faye Turner 12) Ice icicles... Read more
1) I See You! by Taffy 2) Fountain inside NSW Parliament House, Sydney. by John Falconer 3) He seemed rather bored by Diana 4) Flying Away by KV 5) Winter Thistles by Peter Dulis 6) 8 Architecture by haskar 7) Wings of a Cormorant by PhotoCrazy 8) Fisherman’s LAMBORGHINI by Call me Joe 9) Little Planet Tree by Babs 10) Long After Our Footprints by CC Folk 11)... Read more
1) Spectacular Sunset by Babs 2) Bill-wiping by KV 3) Buzzing the tower! by PhotoCrazy 4) Mother and child by Diana 5) Sumach Sunrise by Peter Dulis 6) Flash of Red #1 by Shutterbug 7) Count Cassoulet by Corinne C 8) No flash. No recording. Photos ok. by John Falconer 9) The Sun Came Out by JackieR 10) Sandhill Crane Partners in Flight by Taffy 11) Dusk by... Read more
1) Juvenile Bald Eagle... by PhotoCrazy 2) 39 Degrees C Watering Hole by Babs 3) On the way to the car park by Diana 4) 1-27 pelicans3 by Milanie 5) New Holland Honeyeater by Wylie 6) Another roundel by Boxplayer 7) Thrasher at Work Constructing Next by Taffy 8) Blue Heron by gloria jones 9) A Rose Indeed by Peter Dulis 10) Birds Of A Feather by... Read more
1) Synchronized flying by PhotoCrazy 2) Snow Covered by *lynn 3) Purely Fantasy by Joan Robillard 4) Winter Ducks by Peter Dulis 5) Solarized Sydney by Babs 6) The fastest land animal by Diana 7) Winter Life by Corinne C 8) Hackthorn Hall by Carole Sandford 9) Waiting for Spring by Junan Heath 10) looks big but it is tiny by KoalaGardens🐨 11) Yellow Rumped Warbler by KV 12) Dusk by... Read more
700 is a big number. 1) Heads up! by PhotoCrazy 2) Sunset over the rock pool by Wylie 3) "Sweet dreams are made of this." by John Falconer 4) Beautiful Dreams by Peter Dulis 5) after the snowstorm… by amyK 6) Brotherly love by Diana 7) Winter Drive by *lynn 8) Rainbow Lorikeet by Babs 9) Down by Glas Allt by Issi Bannerman 10) Angry Bird by... Read more
1) Bald Eagle by PhotoCrazy 2) Bittersweet by *lynn 3) The Nutcracker by Corinne C 4) WWYD-225 by Call me Joe 5) Stripes and colour by Diana 6) Mr Currawong by Babs 7) frost by April 8) Sandstone by KWind 9) Chaos......! by Korcsog KĂĄroly 10) River Witham by Carole Sandford 11) I was late for sunset by haskar 12) Sweet Senetti....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 13) Doggy Adventures... Read more
1) Castle in the Sky or...Reflection in the Puddle by Taffy 2) Close-up of the catch! by PhotoCrazy 3) 30december by amyK 4) From one flower to the next by Diana 5) Hop shoots by haskar 6) Bluebirds by KV 7) Catching Up 19 Shopping by Ann H. LeFevre 8) Goodbye Holiday Pink by *lynn 9) Endless Track by Peter Dulis 10) Sunset Ferry by gloria jones 11) It's coming........ Read more
1) Spear fishing by PhotoCrazy 2) Painted with rain by haskar 3) A pop of colour by Diana 4) Curling by Dawn 5) Endless Sea by Peter Dulis 6) Christmas Ball by Junan Heath 7) Morning Walk in the Sunlight by Jane Pittenger 8) A Quick Walk by Corinne C 9) Mr Christmas Himself by Carole Sandford 10) fog & the river by amyK 11) Christmas Eve... Read more
1) Snail Kite by PhotoCrazy 2) Short Earred Owl in Flight by Taffy 3) Country Sunset by *lynn 4) 14december by amyK 5) Stevie Trying to Stay Cool by Babs 6) there are also a few condos by Diana 7) Rainy Day at Multnomah Falls by Jane Pittenger 8) Morning Glory by Peter Dulis 9) Inside ... not OK ... Outside ... OK by Faye Turner 10) Muma thrush... Read more