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1) Windows and Reflections by Taffy 2) Amish Living by Peter Dulis 3) Airstrip by haskar 4) What's she doing? by Diana 5) Not the most comfortable place to sit! by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Male Ruffed Grouse by Islandgirl 7) Captured on the way to the grocery store. by Joan Robillard 8) finding Hope by KoalaGardens🐨 9) Thursday Morning by KWind 10) Stuck by Carole Sandford 11) Looking At the... Read more
1) The Big Apple by Peter Dulis 2) Somewhere in the snow by haskar 3) First Snow by *lynn 4) Taking a break by Diana 5) The Amazing Hawk! by Faye Turner 6) Shouldn't you be Hibernating? by Shepherdman's Wife 7) In the snow by amyK 8) How do they stay up there? by John Falconer 9) Nobby's Beach by Babs 10) 2022-11-20 misty by Mona 11) Good enough to... Read more
1) Pakistani Girl by Peter Dulis 2) Cow In The Morning by *lynn 3) Fairy Land by Faye Turner 4) Remembrance Day by Babs 5) Corn Bunting by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Dewdrops and cobwebs by Susan Wakely 7) Fly By PB123118 by Merrelyn 8) A Walk with Bears by KWind 9) Beaver Full Moon by Skip Tribby - ​🇬🇧 10) Unusual Clouds at Sunset by Jane Pittenger 11) Sunset... Read more
Thank You to everybody who took a minute to review the finalists and vote for a winner of October's "Landscapes" theme. We are delighted to crown @4rky as the winner! A long-time star in the 365 community, 4rky never fails to inspire with beautiful landscapes and fascinating perspectives! It's no wonder @4rky's gorgeous capture of Brighton's West Pier dazzled us! We... Read more
1) Up, Up, and Away by Taffy 2) Cool Start this Morning by Shepherdman's Wife 3) In the autumn light by haskar 4) How much higher can I still go? by Diana 5) Sunrise Watchers by Peter Dulis 6) Hummer Ready for Take Off in the Hail by Jane Pittenger 7) 2022-11-08 shed with a tree by Mona 8) Looking Up by KV 9) Easy rider... Read more
1) This is My Best Side by Taffy 2) Where light usually does not reach by haskar 3) Fallen Beauty by *lynn 4) My first ever Dandelion by Diana 5) Kaka by Carole G 6) Collecting Acorns by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Clear Blue Evening by Peter Dulis 8) Morning magic by Faye Turner 9) Moonset on the Navajo Nation by KV 10) Driving the Pig Trail by Milanie 11)... Read more
Is it just us, or did October fly by? As we tick into the penultimate month of 2022, we're as excited as ever to look through last month's theme entries, and to launch a new challenge for November! We're feeling so inspired by your entries for October's “Landscapes” theme, I think my bucket list of places to visit just got even... Read more
1) He decided to have a drink by Diana 2) Autumn on Lake Ontario by Peter Dulis 3) Let there be light by Faye Turner 4) Somewhere in the woods by haskar 5) The Scenic Route by Pam 6) Wild Barn Owl by Shepherdman's Wife 7) the view by amyK 8) A dusting of Snow in the backyard! by Islandgirl 9) Autumn Colors by *lynn 10) Polhollick Suspension Bridge... Read more
1) Ontario Fall Colours by Peter Dulis 2) Autumn in the park by haskar 3) Sshhhh- quiet please ! by Call me Joe 4) Through the Looking Glass by Louise & Ken 5) snake oil by kali 6) not me, I never did nothing wrong by KoalaGardens🐨 7) A Pincushion variety by Diana 8) Farmland Sunset by *lynn 9) Dunnottar Castle by Issi Bannerman 10) Chittenango Creek ... Read more
We'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who took time to vote for the finalists of September's "Animals" theme. We are thrilled to announce @nigelrogers as the winner! A familiar member of the 365 community, Nigel shares many fabulous photos of his adventures and travels, both near and far! It's easy to see why @nigelrogers' stunning capture of the... Read more
1) Coboconk Colors by Peter Dulis 2) Still by *lynn 3) They love Pincushions by Diana 4) 4rth Lake by Pam 5) Floating Fall Leaf by gloria jones 6) Old Mill and Waterfalls by Islandgirl 7) 5october by amyK 8) Only three flies for dinner by haskar 9) Stars Come Out at Trillium Lake by Jane Pittenger 10) Industrial Newcastle by Babs 11) Sunset at Burke Wharf by... Read more
1) Night Sky on the Beach by Taffy 2) Foggy Morning Sunrise by Peter Dulis 3) The light's prank by haskar 4) A path to the beach by Diana 5) It Will Bloom by *lynn 6) Tenderness by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Stormy seas by Wylie 8) Asters by Carole Sandford 9) Amazing Grace by KoalaGardens🐨 10) Masts at Golden Hour by Babs 11) Pretty Leaves by gloria jones 12)... Read more