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This week we're feeling inspired by pretty much everything - it's something so simple and normal that we most likely take it for granted. This week's theme is colour! This theme is wide open for you guys to really focus on what you love most, as long as it's colourful! Maybe you'll focus on capturing a composition made up entirely... Read more
We didn't have to look far for this week's inspiration - every living thing is/has one and what it does and can do is truly remarkable. This week's theme is body! A subject that's wide open with possibilities, it might be challenging to focus on a theme within the overall theme! But, with so many opportunities, we hope it's one... Read more
With Halloween tomorrow, we couldn't resist turning our attention to all things creepy and spooktacular for this week's theme, dark! Whether it's your favourite time of year or a celebration you'd prefer to bury alive, we hope a 'dark' theme will be something you can all have fun with. From ghouls and gargoyles to pumpkins and pussycats, Halloween props and... Read more
This week we want to be dazzled and amazed with the theme, magic! From magicial props and simple card tricks to optics illusions, clever after effects and forced perspective shots (y'know, the 'holding up' the leaning tower of Pisa stuff!) we think you'll have a lot of fun and mischief with this theme. Maybe you'll think a little more outside... Read more
1) Rainy Day Charm by *lynn 2) Sing Off by Jennifer 3) All of a Sudden . . . by Milanie 4) Bursting at the seams! by Faye Turner 5) Marina Twilight by Jane Pittenger 6) Ebb and Flow by FBailey 7) Meditation by saran 8) Triplets by Babs 9) Monarch on Pride of Barbados by Gayle 10) Reflections on Loch Long by Shepherdman's Wife 11) Morning Light by... Read more
Following last week's theme, seasons, we've also noticed how this time of year can tip routines upside down. For us in the north, the days are getting shorter, it's harder to wake up in the mornings and instead of walking or cycling it's too tempting to drive around in our warm, dry cars! So this week, our theme is transport! Whether... Read more
1) Color of October by *lynn 2) Another Rainbow by KWind 3) Shining down.... by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Watering Hole by Jennifer 5) Inquisitive by Rachel 6) Moon Dancing On the Tips of the Trees by Jane Pittenger 7) 2017-10-05 new puddle by Mona 8) Moonlit Mushroom... by Richard Sayer 9) St Clair by Maggiemae 10) Dewdrops by Carolyn White 11) Sun Says a Pretty Good-Night by TaffyR 12)... Read more
This weekend we got to enjoy Thanksgiving, which can only mean one thing - Fall is in full swing in Canada! From earthy, red and orange leaves, to pumpkin patches and rain boots, we're trading in our beach bags for umbrellas and embracing all things autumnal! As we tucked into some pumpkin pie, we found inspiration for this week's theme,... Read more
1) Autumn Sun Sets on Beaver Island by TaffyR 2) magic in the forest by kali 3) Orange October by *lynn 4) Wet Commute by Jennifer 5) 2017-09-28 it’s all about physics by Mona 6) Fog Rising by bkb in the city 7) Dove Stone Tor Boulder. by Lee 8) These fishermen caught the big one... by Diana Ludwigs 9) Incoming......... by Myrna O'Hara 10) Fantasia...... by ~*~ ... Read more
For many of us, this time of year can be a little bit wet! While we might not always see the bright side of a rainy day, so many of us enjoy being surrounded by or on water, which has inspired this week's theme floating! From house boats to bathtime boats and logs on rivers to leaves on puddles, wherever we... Read more
1) Early Riser by Jennifer 2) Early morning sunshine in the mist by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Sunday Morning by *lynn 4) Sunset Cruise by KWind 5) Bee by tony gig 6) Driving through Quaking Aspens by TaffyR 7) Flap your wings and fly...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) more space age subway travel by Clare Gadsby 9) No water without a windmill........ by Diana Ludwigs 10)... Read more
One of the most simple pleasures in life is to stop, and just enjoy watching the world go by. Whether you're an avid people watcher or need to force yourself to take 5 and slow down, we hope you enjoy this week's theme, street scenes! From striking sunsets and stormy weather to action-packed rush hours and tranquil twilight, the streets that... Read more