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Last but not least in our senses sequence, is smell! Our sense of smell might not be as strong or sensitive as out furry friends but everyday we'll find pleasure - or disgust - with the weird and wonderful smells around us! Although it might not be obvious what to focus on this week, we hope to see a real... Read more
1) Thistle by KWind 2) A Galway Hooker by john morley 3) Into the sunset by FBailey 4) Dahlia by gloria jones 5) Pollen Hunter. by tony gig 6) 2017 Looking Down the Coast At the Milky Way by Jane Pittenger 7) 2017-08-24 dalia x-ray by Mona 8) 1 + 2 by haskar 9) Double Load by Jennifer 10) Teenie-Tiny Bee (hover fly) with Droplets! by Faye Turner 11)... Read more
The next sense in our five-part series is touch! It's impossible to imagine life without a sense of touch - I think it would be a constant sequence of A&E incidents, one after another! We rely on our sense of touch to keep our bodies functioning, and alive! We're programmed to stay away from extreme hots and colds, things... Read more
1) Hot Day Fun by *lynn 2) Lady Bug and Friend by TaffyR 3) Total Eclipse over my house by cheryl 4) Now then, where's that fish? by Shepherdman's Wife 5) 2017-08-20 longboard dancer by Mona 6) colour my bubble...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) Eclipse 2017 by Aaron 8) A full rainbow taken 0730 this morning by Northland Gal 9) Perspective by Rosie... Read more
This week we are focusing on our sense of taste, the third in our five-theme sequence. If you're like us, food is a big deal - all thanks to our sense of taste! So we hope you have fun with this week's theme, capture the foods you love and loathe, or the process of working through a recipe to create... Read more
1) Who Was Most Surprised? by TaffyR 2) Prairie Flowers by *lynn 3) Argy bargy on the gutting table. by sally agnew 4) It finally rained!! by KWind 5) 2017-08-13 morning light by Mona 6) Stunning Sunset At Neptune by Jane Pittenger 7) 11aug2017 by Tracie Broadhead 8) the complexity of form by ☠northy 9) Appreciating the little things there are so many.... by kay 10) Morning light by... Read more
Following our sequence of the five senses, this week we want you to focus on listen. Whether we rely on listening out for danger or seek pleasure from hearing the music of our favourite bands, we really are lucky if we go through life with the ability to hear the world around us. From our tools for listening - ears, hearing-aids,... Read more
1) Prince by *lynn 2) And He's off. by Lee 3) Intruder by KWind 4) light painting by Connie Little 5) Posing by Rachel 6) Cosmos bubble.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) And He Stayed - and Stayed! by Milanie 8) Evening at Svorksjøen by Elisabeth Sæter 9) Alone at Sea Under the Clouds by TaffyR 10) Manitoulin Island’s Starry Night by Peter Dulis 11) heron... Read more
One of the most special achievements a photographer could wish for is to make someone feel something just from looking at their pictures. This is the inspiration of this weeks theme, look, which will also be the first in a sequence of themes that together represent our five senses. With a focus around sight and vision, it's a great theme for... Read more
1) Not Amused. by Lee 2) Summer Skies by Jennifer 3) Posing For A Pic by bkb in the city 4) Riders on the Storm... by Stef Neyhart 5) Clouds and reflections. by sally agnew 6) A Saturday Afternoon Drive by katy 7) Dragon Fly by gloria jones 8) Our Cape Daisy (Osteospermum) for the Etsooi challenge by Diana Ludwigs 9) Family in Laces by Sally Ings 10)... Read more
After a fun and light-hearted theme last week, we've decided to go with a theme that can be taken literally or allows you to delve a little deeper and think about things that have been forgotten. There really is a lot to experiment with this week, from forgotten luggage at airports and those moments that we forget where we placed our... Read more
1) Solitude by Babs 2) At The Beach by bkb in the city 3) Arches by Rosie Kerr 4) Tongue Out on Butterfly Bush by Jane Pittenger 5) Tranquility in Nova Scotia by Joys Focus 6) Anyone For Milk by tony gig 7) Forget-me-nots by Elisabeth Sæter 8) Chortling to the sun. by sally agnew 9) May Your Days Be Filled With Wildflowers by *lynn 10) Chillin!! by... Read more