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It's our favourite time of the month already! We always look forward to checking out everyone's entries - and you guys never disappoint us. Thank you, to everyone who submitted photographs to July's “Perspectives” theme. It was tricky to choose just six photos, and remember, if you have a minute (or several) you can check out all the entries... Read more
1) Bee by *lynn 2) Who Would Believe This is Winter by Babs 3) Sunrise on the lily pads by Islandgirl 4) Snacking in the Sun by TaffyR 5) Reflections in a Tuba by Diana Ludwigs 6) kestrel by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Lots of Webs - No Spiders in Evidence by Milanie 8) morning zen by M…joe 9) joey season is officially open! by KoalaGardens🐨 10)... Read more
1) Hummer Peeking Out Under the Wet Lucifer by Jane Pittenger 2) Fox by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Entry to the station by haskar 4) Definitely Not the Big Bad Wolf by Milanie 5) Young Sunflower by *lynn 6) Music on the Porch by TaffyR 7) A Walk in the Park by FBailey 8) Burnett and wildflower......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 9) Mouse birds by Diana... Read more
Here in Vancouver, BC, the summer seems to be whizzing by - we can't believe it's the 14th July already, which means it's time to reveal the winner of June's "Movement" theme! Thank you to everyone who took part in reviewing and voting for our 6 finalists - we really appreciate you getting involved! So we've counted the votes and we're excited... Read more
1) Fireworks in the Harbor by TaffyR 2) Red by Rosie Kerr 3) Coneflower by *lynn 4) Wings by gloria jones 5) Poised by Casablanca 6) oh deer... by ☠northy 7) Annas Hummingbird with Tail Feathers Spread by Jane Pittenger 8) Kingfisher.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 9) 2019-07-08 between thunderstorms by Mona 10) An unwanted travel companion by haskar 11) Follow the Leader by Babs 12) White Egret... Read more
1) Turn-Around Shot by *lynn 2) Pink Hour by Babs 3) Twigs Bask in the Golden Glow by TaffyR 4) 2019-06-26 lucky shot by Mona 5) Tree Frames the Sunset at Harbor Vista by Jane Pittenger 6) Fallen Petals by FBailey 7) observer by Clare Gadsby 8) Flying Scotsman! by Richard Brown 9) Coming in to land by Rosie Kind 10) Red Anemone. by tony gig 11) Coy..... by ~*~... Read more
It's hard for us to believe that we're halfway through 2019 already! We'd like to say a huge congratulations to everyone who's reached this big milestone with their 365 project - you guys rock! Also, we'd like to thank everyone for their entries into last month's “Movement” theme. As always, you have submitted some incredible photographs and choosing just six... Read more
1) Beaver Island Dust by TaffyR 2) Farmland Sunset by *lynn 3) 2019-06-20 a window in a thunder cell by Mona 4) My Little Pony by FBailey 5) Dance of the raindrops......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) lightening strike by April 7) Resting by tony gig 8) Reaching For The Sky by carol white 9) Great White Egret by Lynne 10) Giovanni Sollima. Cello by... Read more
1) Lake Louise, Alberta Canada by Islandgirl 2) Tranquility by Babs 3) and he's off....... by Shepherdman's Wife 4) In awe ... by Monique 5) Diving in by ChristineL 6) Sibelius Monument by KWind 7) In yellow by haskar 8) Froggy and his little friends! by Faye Turner 9) Sunset on Svorksjøen by Elisabeth Sæter 10) At a gallop!! by Margaret Brown 11) Moonrise over the Great Ocean Road... Read more
It's mid-June already, which can only mean one thing at 365project - it's time to crown the latest winner of the flora theme from May! Thanks again to everyone who took a moment to review our 6 finalists before voting for a winning photo - we really appreciate your participation! So, the votes have been counted and we're thrilled to announce @sheilaw... Read more
1) Nestled by the Clouds by TaffyR 2) A colorful evening by haskar 3) Thoughts of the Sound of Music by Milanie 4) Cloud number 9 by Brian Adams by Diana Ludwigs 5) Watching the Sunset by Babs 6) Poppy sunset by Shepherdman's Wife 7) 2019-06-10 bright smoke by Mona 8) Anenome........... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 9) Inflight by tony gig 10) An Afternoon in June... Read more
1) Station Shadows by FBailey 2) An evening haze by haskar 3) Fallow Deer in the morning light. by tony gig 4) Blue Tit on Blossom by Shepherdman's Wife 5) One of Nature's Sweetest by Milanie 6) 2019-06-02 the 4th layer by Mona 7) Stellar Jay Strutting His Stuff by Jane Pittenger 8) Don't Mess With Me Or Else. by gloria jones 9) why does it always rain... Read more