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Inspired by the clocks springing forward an hour today (well, in Northern America at least) we wanted to celebrate the brighter evenings with the theme daylight. Whether you're an earlybird and catch the first glimpse of light, or prefer to watch the sun go down, there is a lot of fun to be had with dawn and dusk shots - not... Read more
1) March Is Around The Corner by *lynn 2) Time to Climb by TaffyR 3) evening focus by Jerome 4) Cold Walk Home by Jennifer 5) Ripples of colour...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) hare by smiffy 7) Sunrise Grasses by Islandgirl 8) kaka? by Shepherdman's Wife 9) Paimpont 2018: Day 63 - If we had a canal here... by Richard Sayer 10)... Read more
Most days we'll find ourselves seeing, hearing or learning about something unbelievable that someone in the world has done. Sometimes it's for bad reasons but a lot of the time it's for something amazing, things that really remind us what it is to be human. This week we want you to feel inspired by the people around you, whether it's your... Read more
1) Frozen Weed Macro by *lynn 2) you feel small in the mountains... by Jerome 3) Glastonbury Tor by PTP: Past their Prime 4) Stripes by Rosie Kerr 5) Color Drops by Gayle 6) 25bFeb by Tracie Broadhead 7) (Day 11) - Yep, Syrup by Chris Johnson 8) Paimpont 2018: Day 55 - Deep in the valley... by Richard Sayer 9) And Jump!! by Pam Knowler 10) Three Forks... Read more
Sometimes the most simple of things can have the biggest impact, and in photography the same can be said about focusing on something in isolation. We want you to focus on finding subjects that stand out from the crowd - whether it's a single object in front of a plain background, a pop of colour in a B&W white image, or... Read more
1) Beach Ball by Babs 2) Trailing daisies....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) 2017-02-15 snowy day by Mona 4) Lone Figure in Federal Plaza by TaffyR 5) Heart #16 by KWind 6) Wiped Out by Jennifer 7) Sunset Colored Snow by *lynn 8) Feuerkogel by Jerome 9) Foggy Morning by carol white 10) smoke & mirrors by Graeme Stevens 11) Sharing is caring.... by Carol 12) Standing in... Read more
This week we want you to take a closer looks at your surroundings with one of the most popular, yet challenging photography styles, macro. It's often assumed that this sort of photography needs an expensive 'macro lens', but really it means 'producing a photo of something small in larger than life size' - basically, zooming in really close! So, whether you have... Read more
1) Samphire Hoe by FBailey 2) Sitting on the Fence by Jennifer 3) Up by Michelle Renee 4) Scraggy by Babs 5) Starbursts by *lynn 6) Fly me to the moon .. by Sylvia Binch 7) Pink delight..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) A BBQ sunset by Denise Wood 9) All Wings. by tony gig 10) hard granite by Jerome 11) pause for thought by Clare... Read more
Whether you're a lover of loather of Valentine's day, I think I speak for a lot of the 365 community when I say we can't resist the annual opportunity to work with a romantic theme. This year we're keeping it simple with the theme, love. From flowers and fancy food to hearts and helium balloons, there are lots of fun subjects... Read more
1) Impressionist? by *lynn 2) My hand x ten by Suzanne 3) Cheese Grater Collage by Babs 4) flower shadows by Jerome 5) Tranquillity by Sally Ings 6) like a daisy.... by Hazel 7) Best Part of the Day by Milanie 8) Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Kareen King 9) 2017-02-04 winterwonderland by Mona 10) Little boy and his big Butterfly 🦋 by jDM 11) Stripes by... Read more
This week we've really noticed the days are getting longer, probably because it's staying light past 5pm. Naturally, it makes me want to stop, look at the sky, and appreciate the sun setting as i make my way home, which has inspired this week's theme up. A popular theme in the past, 'looking up' is a fun way to play with... Read more
Inspired by last week's theme that encouraged you to play with light and dark, another way to make the most out of your surroundings - both during and after taking photos - is with filters. There are so many techniques and tricks to experiment with this week's filters theme that you might surprise yourself with the transformation they can make! Maybe you'll... Read more