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1) Sunset Fishing by Peter Dulis 2) Walking along the dune by PhotoCrazy 3) Fishing by Babs 4) Morning haze by haskar 5) Those eyelashes by Diana 6) DSC_3274 by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) Sunset Does Not Disappoint! by Taffy 8) Taken a couple of days ago but are pleased with this shot by Dawn 9) Hooping Through the Blubells by JackieR 10) Beautiful seas by... Read more
1) Huge Ball in the Sky by Taffy 2) Canoe Adventures by Peter Dulis 3) Saying goodbye from Sebastian Inlet Cove! by PhotoCrazy 4) One is free now by haskar 5) Sunset at Cleawox by Jane Pittenger 6) Feather with droplets by Faye Turner 7) The view on the hill by Wylie 8) Lilyflower by *lynn 9) Sassy by LManning (Laura) 10) INHALE/EXHALE by Call me Joe 11)... Read more
1) Sandwich Tern at the beach by PhotoCrazy 2) Sharing the Milkweed by *lynn 3) Pink Sunset by Babs 4) Hoppers Home For A Day by Junan Heath 5) Blue Dasher by Corinne C 6) A colorful fish by haskar 7) Striking a Pose in Glen Lyon by Issi Bannerman 8) Secretary bird by Diana 9) Snowberry Clearwing by KV 10) Raindrops and grasses......... by ~*~ Jo ... Read more
1) Morning catch! by PhotoCrazy 2) Enchanted forest by Peter Dulis 3) Farmland Sunset by *lynn 4) After the rain by Diana 5) It rained a bit by haskar 6) Close Up and Personal by Babs 7) Swallowtail in the Daisies by Jane Pittenger 8) Milkweed Planted For The Butterflies by Junan Heath 9) Sapphire Tower blossom by Shutterbug 10) Bee-utiful Buzzy by Carole Sandford 11) Lunch stop by Casablanca 12)... Read more
1) Coneflowers in the Evening by *lynn 2) Thank-you! by PhotoCrazy 3) A bit of coolness on a hot day by haskar 4) La Jolla Beach Sunset by Taffy 5) Should I stay or should I go? by Carole Sandford 6) Hummer in the Flowers by Jane Pittenger 7) Milky Way over Lake Tarawera by Carole G 8) My favourites. by Beryl Lloyd 9) 52Frames - Reflections by... Read more
1) Snail Kite & an apple snail by PhotoCrazy 2) The Greatest Show on Earth by Peter Dulis 3) Foreshore Sunset by Babs 4) Beautiful Monarch by *lynn 5) The musician by Diana 6) On the meadow by haskar 7) I'm So Graceful by Taffy 8) Estes Lake by Joan Robillard 9) Country road-take me home. by Beryl Lloyd 10) 2023-06-29 Bo by Mona 11) Stamen by Dawn 12) beautiful... Read more
1) Limpkin is the morning light by PhotoCrazy 2) A Study in Grey on Grey by JackieR 3) A daring windsurfer by Diana 4) Beach sunset by Wylie 5) Fishing Lake Couchiching by Peter Dulis 6) A walk with a view by Joan Robillard 7) the fruit of blueberry by haskar 8) Focus Stacked Iris by Jane Pittenger 9) Alien Attempts to Communicate by Taffy 10) Poppies by... Read more
1) A lonely sailor by haskar 2) Columbine in Bloom by Taffy 3) Flying away with his catch! by PhotoCrazy 4) Toronto Sun Up by Peter Dulis 5) Basking in the Sunshine by Carole Sandford 6) On Golden Pond by Babs 7) Montserrat by KWind 8) Little Bumble Bee by Pam 9) A little misty drive to Whangarei this morning by Dawn 10) From the front by Margaret... Read more
1) Reflections by Peter Dulis 2) Misty Sunrise by *lynn 3) Camels at Sunset by Babs 4) Gosling by PhotoCrazy 5) Out in the open for a change by Diana 6) Hello! by haskar 7) Family forever! by Kerry McCarthy 8) Lincs Countryside by Carole Sandford 9) The Beautiful Moraine Lake by Faye Turner 10) Steady Gaze by FBailey 11) Sedona Sunset by Junan Heath 12) Tibouchina sooc by... Read more
Thanks to everyone who took part in last months Out N About Theme. We have picked 6 finalists for you to vote on below. You can view all the entries submitted here... Out n About theme. As i'm a bit late in posting the theme this month I think we'll skip June, if you need some inspiration be sure to head... Read more
1) Dead Tree Sunrise by *lynn 2) Foreshore Sunset by Babs 3) Lone swan..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Acrobatic flying by PhotoCrazy 5) Iris graminea by haskar 6) fisheye sky by April 7) Watching me closely by Diana 8) Arrr ... have you ever been to the pond Billy? Lol by Faye Turner 9) Evening over the hills by Wylie 10) Fishing by the... Read more
1) Redish Egret and the poor little fish by PhotoCrazy 2) Bokeh and Blossoms by *lynn 3) Spotlights at Sydneyvivid. A light show held every year around this time. The whole CBD is lit up every night for a month! by John Falconer 4) Just Waiting for My Stylist by Taffy 5) Camellia flower and wasp by Dawn 6) Iris Abstract by gloria jones 7) Pacific... Read more