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The middle of the month is already here, which means it's time to announce the winner of the animals theme from March! Thanks again for taking time to review our 6 finalists before casting your votes for a winning photo - you guys are the best! We're thrilled to announce @koalagardens as the winner. Congratulations! Like us, it seems the 365 community couldn't... Read more
1) Wait til the Light Turns Green? But, I'm Colorblind! by TaffyR 2) 2019-04-08 the experienced glider by Mona 3) Another Tulip Shot by KWind 4) Waterlily with a photobomber. by Diana Ludwigs 5) Hovering Around the Nectarine Blooms by Jane Pittenger 6) Cherry...(Velvet Taste) by tony gig 7) picture of health by KoalaGardens 8) Strolling around the beach by jDM 9) the rushed and the hidden... Read more
1) Sea Dog by FBailey 2) 2019-04-01 My Rainbow 2019 by Mona 3) Follow My Lead! by TaffyR 4) Our Big Rainbow by kali 5) “I'm the King of the Feeder” or “May I Have This Dance?” by Jane Pittenger 6) Savouring the last of lovely day by Denise Wood 7) Lawn daisies........ by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Who needs April’s fool— by... Read more
Before we kick of our fourth theme of the year, we’d like to take a second to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in March’s Animal theme. You guys kept us busy for hours with so many amazing entries! As usual, you can view the six finalists and vote for a winner below, but first we want... Read more
1) Big Moon by KWind 2) Blue Tit by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Inside the National Builders Museum by TaffyR 4) Eagle by *lynn 5) Rufous In Breeding Plumage by Jane Pittenger 6) Will She Ever Leave? by Milanie 7) Lake Huron Lighthouse by Islandgirl 8) Rainbow Green by Jane Armstrong 9) Reaching up.......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Beautiful boy by jDM 11)... Read more
1) As the World Turns by Lynne 2) Goldfinch on blossom by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Another Eagle by KWind 4) Chrysanthemum..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Farmland Sunrise by *lynn 6) Blowin' in the wind by Denise Wood 7) 2019-03-15 Rainbow & Peace by Mona 8) Dingly dangly things! by Faye Turner 9) adrift by April 10) Beach soccer by Leana Niemand 11) My dying Tulips... Read more
1) Tonight's Sky by TaffyR 2) Spider Lilly. by tony gig 3) Upside Down by Babs 4) First we had one, now we have two.....very optimistic..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) More Tulips by Karly 6) Sometimes You Just Have to Bribe Them! by Milanie 7) 2019-03-10 Rainbow month "violet" N°2 by Mona 8) The Rider by Mike Gifford 9) agitated by April 10) Skip,... Read more
It's that time of month already - when we announce the latest theme winner, for February's Black & White theme! As always, we really appreciate you all taking time to check out our 6 finalists and casting your winning votes - Thank you! We're very excited to announce @shutterbug49 as the winner. Congratulations! The contrast of the people walking across the footbridge, against... Read more
1) Drip Drip Drip by TaffyR 2) Sugar Beach Toronto by Peter Dulis 3) First Day of Autumn by Babs 4) Cold Sunrise by *lynn 5) I Think He Was Trying to Intimidate Me! by Milanie 6) Night Sky from Waxmyrtle Bridge by Jane Pittenger 7) well hung ... by KoalaGardens 8) Lily by Casablanca 9) 2019-02-28 i adopted 100 glasses by Mona 10) I Often Painted by... Read more
1) Derelict Cottage. by Lee 2) Gerbera...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) Through the Trees by Karly 4) tumult by Graeme Stevens 5) Holy Smoke! by Carole Sandford 6) OFF WE GO by tony gig 7) Porpita pacifica by Wylie 8) Right in front of my eyes! by Faye Turner 9) Devastated!! by *lynn 10) Can you see the church? by Richard Brown 11) frosted trees by... Read more
As we introduce this month’s theme we’re still feeling a bit lost for words with the number of entries we’ve had for February’s Monthly Theme, "Black and White". We’re so delighted that so many 365ers got involved, it looks like you guys had a LOT of fun. We often say it wasn’t easy to choose our finalists, but this time it... Read more
1) Winter Sunrise Over Lake Ontario by Peter Dulis 2) An Escape From Life by CC Folk 3) Japanese Japonica........ by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Another Sign of Spring Hopefully by Milanie 5) Sea Defence by Paul 6) It Just Keeps On Snowing by *lynn 7) Winter Day in Glacier by Karly 8) Month of Hearts - #13 by KWind 9) Happy Valentines's Day by... Read more