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1) a study of Bullet by KoalaGardens🐨 2) Fishing by *lynn 3) Amazing nature by Faye Turner 4) Mother e“ART”h 🌞 by joeyM 5) This mornings sunrise by Richard Brown 6) Having a Scratch by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Morning Has Broken by Milanie 8) 2022-01-23 caught by Mona 9) Kept aloft by sheer willpower! by Richard Sayer 10) Backlit Hummer by Jane Pittenger 11) Same... Read more
1) Subtle Foggy Sunset by Jane Pittenger 2) A walk on the beach by Diana 3) The Thinker by Taffy 4) Jack Frost by Carole Sandford 5) Snowflake by Faye Turner 6) Robin by Casablanca 7) Apple Snack by *lynn 8) Griffin by KWind 9) 2022-01-15 center curl by Mona 10) Copy Catting by JackieR 11) The day is rising by haskar 12) Great Horned Owl nest by PhotoCrazy 13)... Read more
For those new to 365project, in the middle of each month we announce the winner for the previous theme! This gives our community two weeks to vote for a winner from the six shortlisted finalists. So today, we're announcing the winner of December's Festive theme! Thank you to everyone who reviewed our finalists and took a moment to vote for your... Read more
1) Up + Away by Peter Dulis 2) Snowy Suspension Bridge by KWind 3) 2022-01-07 we gotto go home, puppy! by Mona 4) Cutest owl around by Faye Turner 5) Brrrr -27C(16F) and with the windchill it felt like -35C(-31F)! by Islandgirl 6) Just love the beach! by PhotoCrazy 7) 5. Marienplatz Reflection by Junko Y 8) A winter gem by haskar 9) As the Sun... Read more
1) End of the Year by Babs 2) Big Flakes, Big Waves by KWind 3) Royal Tern by PhotoCrazy 4) Mayan Miss Ruins by Peter Dulis 5) Year 10 - Fireworks! by Taffy 6) Light the lighthouse by Joan Robillard 7) A perfect spot by Faye Turner 8) HAPPY NEW YEAR by haskar 9) Happy New Year! by *lynn 10) 2021-12-30 same - same by Mona 11) Leaping into... Read more
As we bounce into 2022, we'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who's submitted photos to our monthly themes in 2021 - you folks are amazing! Each month we have so much fun reviewing your entries, discovering the stories behind the photos, and reading wonderful comments from the community. This year we're ready to do it all... Read more
Header and thumbnail image credit goes to @toinette Happy New Year, 365ers! As we roll into 365project's 15th year (woah!) we can't help but reflect on not only what 2021 brought us, but the enormity of what it can mean to make each day count - the very words that sparked the creation of 365project in December 2006! So today we're sending virtual... Read more
1) Touching down! by PhotoCrazy 2) Colourful Morning by KWind 3) holding onto thin air by KoalaGardens🐨 4) Island in the Sun by Peter Dulis 5) Caught in a Storm by Faye Turner 6) Have a bright and colorful Christmas 🎄 by joeyM 7) No Sunrise - but Caught the Moon Setting by Milanie 8) Great start to the day! by Islandgirl 9) Male Bullfinch by Shepherdman's Wife 10)... Read more
1) Christmas Lantern Mirror Box by Babs 2) Reddish Egret by PhotoCrazy 3) As Requested by bkb in the city 4) Between the layers by Yoland 5) Wollaton Stag this morning by tony gig 6) Red Kite Swoop by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Winter curtains by Pat Thacker 8) Let's make love by haskar 9) Our resident pheasant by Margaret Brown 10) Ice and Water by Islandgirl 11)... Read more
1) Erindale Park Sunset by Peter Dulis 2) North and South divided again by Wylie 3) Storm Clouds by Babs 4) multi colour abstract............ by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Who's there? by Faye Turner 6) Fast Turn Left to the River by Milanie 7) Least Bittern by PhotoCrazy 8) Eagle Owl by Shepherdman's Wife 9) Lower Quebec City by KWind 10) smooth is cuddly by... Read more
Thanks to everybody who took their time to review the theme shortlist and vote for the winner of November's "Seasons" theme. We're delighted to announce @ljmanning as the winner! Congratulations! On track to completing their 365 Project this calendar year, Laura's dedication and commitment to her project is admirable. It's even more of an honour to crown her as theme winner because... Read more
1) Let the games begin by PhotoCrazy 2) Tree Bark Collage by Babs 3) Sun going Down by Islandgirl 4) ready for a song? by KoalaGardens🐨 5) Reflected Sunrise by KWind 6) Goldfinch in the Snow by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Cladonia coccifera by haskar 8) Winter hits again! by Faye Turner 9) December Sunset At Outlet by Jane Pittenger 10) Deck the Ship by bkb... Read more