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1) Catching it's prey by PhotoCrazy 2) 2019-09-29 back home by Mona 3) Mist on the Lake by *lynn 4) Urban Sunrise by bkb in the city 5) A Rose.......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Photographer As the Morning Light Touches the Top Of the Dunes by Jane Pittenger 7) The Jetty by Babs 8) Had It To Himself by Milanie 9) Love-in-a-mist by... Read more
Another month has flown by at lightning speed - just like some of your cool photos last month! So, Thank You! to everyone who entered September's “Long Exposure” theme. We had a lot of fun looking at your entries and choosing some finalists, so scroll down to view the six contenders and vote for a winner! (Remember, you can also... Read more
1) Peek-a-boo by PhotoCrazy 2) Photobombed by Babs 3) Kauri Point by Dianne 4) 2019-09-12 from behind the curtain by Mona 5) witness by Graeme Stevens 6) benched (sooc) by ☠northy 7) Three Sisters As the Sun Goes Down by Jane Pittenger 8) Buggy Morning Glory by *lynn 9) Little House in a Shoe by Rosie Kerr 10) September Sunrise by Islandgirl 11) Life is simple by M…joe 12) In Flight... Read more
This weekend we marked another 365project milestone as we counted the votes for another theme winner. This time, for August's "Landscapes" theme! As always, thanks to everyone who took time to review our 6 finalists and vote for a winner - it means a lot when you all get involved! This month was especially close, with the 365 community feeling torn between... Read more
1) Red Barn by *lynn 2) Preening in the early morning light by PhotoCrazy 3) Sunset Point by bkb in the city 4) spotted eagle owl by Shepherdman's Wife 5) A Lovely Lily in Millers Marsh by Taffy 6) Green Shield Bug by tony gig 7) My Favourite Tree by Babs 8) Harvest Time by Karly 9) Look what I saw today... by KWind 10) 2019-09-05 at the... Read more
1) Blue Dasher by PhotoCrazy 2) kingfisher with fish by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Thank You For Meeting Me Here by Taffy 4) Sunshine and Showers by Babs 5) That's Humidity You're Looking At by Milanie 6) 2019-09-01 just before the thunderstorm by Mona 7) Milky Way and Bridge by Jane Pittenger 8) The Dome by Richard Brown 9) Isle of Bute. by Lee 10) Dewy Clover by *lynn 11) Another... Read more
As we come into the last third of 2019, we're feeling that back-to-school feeling of starting fresh and realigning with our goals for the year - which means now is the perfect time to kick-start your 365 projects with an exciting new theme! But first, we'd like to thank everyone who entered photographs to August's “Landscapes” theme. It was as tricky... Read more
1) Monarch by *lynn 2) Masts by Babs 3) 2019-08-15 drama over Mount Pilatus by Mona 4) What Are You Looking At? by Jane Pittenger 5) Basking In The Late Afternoon Light DSC_5088 by Merrelyn 6) Humpback by KWind 7) Landing Gear Down - Approach Feeder by Milanie 8) rock by ☠northy 9) Abstract Opportunity Nobody Wants to Have! by Taffy 10) Hello Earthings! by Faye Turner 11) LOVE... Read more
1) Stormy Weather by FBailey 2) Peeking Through the Tree by TaffyR 3) Brolly heaven :) by Denise Wood 4) Mummy I brought you a flower.... by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Sandstorm Safari by Babs 6) Abstraction by haskar 7) Sitting On A Wire by Jane Pittenger 8) 2019-08-08 lost in time and space by Mona 9) Poppy Seed Heads. by tony gig 10) Fancy Dancer by *lynn 11) up by... Read more
Today marks yet another 365project milestone - time to announce another winner! This time, for July's "Perspective" theme! As always, thanks to everyone who took time to review our 6 finalists and vote for a winner - we really appreciate you all getting involved! With several votes ahead of the rest (despite a stellar selection of finalists!) we're thrilled to announce @summerfield... Read more
1) Waiting for the Tractor by FBailey 2) 2019-08-03 changing weather by Mona 3) Robin by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Simple Iowa Beauty by *lynn 5) .....more raindrops...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Skipping Down The Lane by Rosie Kerr 7) The illusion! by Faye Turner 8) Just Starting to Stir by Milanie 9) surprise!!!!!!! 👀👀👀👀👀👀 by ☠northy 10) Ghostly Figure by Babs 11) who goes there? by... Read more
1) End of a Beautiful Day by Babs 2) Clouds overlooking a Farm by Islandgirl 3) Coneflowers In the Morning by *lynn 4) Making Music by TaffyR 5) Sunset on Svorksjøen by Elisabeth Sæter 6) 2019-07-29 downhill by Mona 7) Colour Blocks by FBailey 8) Headed for the Feeder by Milanie 9) Sunset on Lake Constance by Diana Ludwigs 10) rain and shine... by ☠northy 11) butterfly on wheat... Read more