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1) Shared from Lightroom by Jane Pittenger 2) Sunset on the river by PhotoCrazy 3) Favourite Tree in a Ball by Babs 4) I got it! by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Tasty? by Esther Rosenberg 6) Peaceful Easy Feeling by Taffy 7) She still needs to eat by haskar 8) bee happy by Hazel 9) Stayed So Still You'd Think He Was Posing by Milanie 10) A Bird On... Read more
1) Playing with water, playing with light by haskar 2) Lion cub by PhotoCrazy 3) Solar Eclipse by Junko Y 4) A Spider Visits the Showy Ladyslipper by Taffy 5) Reach for the Sun 🌞 by Richard Brown 6) Dulcie and Daisies by FBailey 7) We're not coming out by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Sunrise by *lynn 9) Mrs. Show off. by Esther Rosenberg 10) Snack Time... Read more
1) Hip Hip Hooray by Jane Pittenger 2) Otterly Adorable by aikiuser (jenn) 3) Wren by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Monarch Butterfly by PhotoCrazy 5) Fish for breakfast by Esther Rosenberg 6) Fountains Abbey Winery by Phil Sandford 7) Running into the sunset by Denise Wood 8) Poppy by *lynn 9) Hi, Beaver Island Frog! by Junko Y 10) Side view by Faye Turner 11) The window by haskar 12) The... Read more
We'd like to say a big "Thank you" to everyone who took the time to vote for this month's theme winner! We're delighted to announce @novab as the winner of May's "Long Exposure" theme. Congrats! What's not to love about Nova's winning photo?! Everything from the composition and framing of the spinner inside the wheel of light, to the gorgeous twilight... Read more
1) Good Night by haskar 2) 2021-06-03 cheers by Mona 3) Fly by.... by Shepherdman's Wife 4) up close and personal by KoalaGardens🐨 5) Nectar Drinker by *lynn 6) Last Night's Rainbow by KWind 7) Attitude by Babs 8) Outback tree by Wylie 9) Tri-colored Heron by PhotoCrazy 10) Dreamy flower....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 11) Baby wood stork portrait. by Esther Rosenberg 12) Sunset At... Read more
1) Amazing plumage! by PhotoCrazy 2) Hanging on by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Life is a Highway by Peter Dulis 4) View from Glenelly by Diana 5) Marsh Sunset by *lynn 6) Waiting for the victim by haskar 7) Sunday morning by KWind 8) Mama! Wait Up! by Taffy 9) Papa by aikiuser (jenn) 10) Wood Duck Mama with Her Ducklings by Junko Y 11) Stormy Weather... Read more
Before we jump into the new theme, we'd like to thank everyone who entered the “Long Exposure” theme in May! We know this one is a little tricky and requires some gear and ideal opportunities to capture movement, but you still submitted some fab shots! Scroll down or jump to view this month's shortlist and vote for a... Read more
1) The Flight of the Dandelion by Peter Dulis 2) Fireworks Over Navy Pier by Taffy 3) 2021-05-22 never turn your back on... by Mona 4) Duckling after a swim by Shepherdman's Wife 5) well that made me cry! by KoalaGardens🐨 6) Warm & Safe by Carole Sandford 7) Travel day Bald Eagle! by PhotoCrazy 8) Cecropia moth by Faye Turner 9) Magnificence by carol white 10) tulips... Read more
1) Morning Contemplation ... by Peter Dulis 2) Yummy! Bugs! Yummy Bugs! by Taffy 3) Bluejay by PhotoCrazy 4) Spot the baby by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Ribbit by Faye Turner 6) Blue Morpho by *lynn 7) 2021-05-13 hilly by Mona 8) Alpaca by haskar 9) big as a dinner plate by KoalaGardens🐨 10) More of my Flowers by KWind 11) Recipe for making friends by Issi Bannerman 12) Street Art -... Read more
Thank you to everyone who took a few moments to cast a vote for this month's theme winner! We're delighted to announce @0x53 as the winner of April's "Different Perspectives" theme. Congratulations! In the first year of his 365project, Stephan has already uploaded 190 wonderful photos and is well on the way to completing his first project! Snapped as part of... Read more
1) Moments before the end by PhotoCrazy 2) Warbler Mid-Air Dance by Taffy 3) Collingwood Stormy Skies by Peter Dulis 4) Storm Brewing by Babs 5) Light and colours by haskar 6) all my koalas in a row by KoalaGardens🐨 7) Just right! by Margaret Brown 8) April Screenshot by *lynn 9) Gosling by Shepherdman's Wife 10) Mom and dad tree swallows by Debra 11) Happy Weekend Everyone by... Read more
1) Lone Walker by Babs 2) And yes there be eagles! by PhotoCrazy 3) Early Morning Tulips by *lynn 4) Centennial Park Japanese Cherry Trees by Peter Dulis 5) Love birds by Denise Wood 6) Re-popped by aikiuser (jenn) 7) Kentucky Falls Close Up by Jane Pittenger 8) Wood Anemone by Shepherdman's Wife 9) My, What Long Legs You Have by Milanie 10) 199 by Margaret... Read more