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We can't yet believe that the last Quarter of 2022 has arrived! Thank you all so much for showing up for the community each and every month, and getting involved in these fun monthly themes! We absolutely LOVED your entries for the “Animals” theme, it's hands down one of my favourite themes every year! Scroll down or jump to view this... Read more
1) Praire-locus by Peter Dulis 2) More Cosmos by *lynn 3) MSM Milky Way by Jane Pittenger 4) Japanese Anemone by Beryl Lloyd 5) Preening by Babs 6) Camarque by Tina 7) Sunflowers In Seattle by gloria jones 8) Teenie tiny droplets by Faye Turner 9) Foggy Clouds by Islandgirl 10) More renovated beach huts by Diana 11) Barn Owl by Shepherdman's Wife 12) Caterina and a cat in Pienza... Read more
1) Spot the color :) by Peter Dulis 2) A clemantis by haskar 3) Daisy........ by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Cosmos by *lynn 5) Catching the last breath of Summer.🌻 by Call me Joe 6) Cool seed head by Faye Turner 7) Canola heaven! by Wylie 8) Dahlias, cont. by gloria jones 9) koala Hope by KoalaGardens🐨 10) My Little Friend by bkb in... Read more
We're sending a huge Thank You to everyone who took a moment to vote for the finalists of August's "Movement" theme. We are delighted to crown @30pics4jackiesdiamond as the winner! A dedicated member of the community, Jackie's shared so many gorgeous photos over the years and we love following along with their 365 journey! It's no wonder that @30pics4jackiesdiamond's beautiful photo... Read more
1) Wonderful Lunch! Let's Do It Again! by Taffy 2) The Reunion by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Hazy Sunset by Babs 4) 2022-09-09 same-same but different by Mona 5) It was raining! by haskar 6) The dunes are alive by Diana 7) Reflections by Islandgirl 8) Top of the world/ We've only just begun by KoalaGardens🐨 9) So, What Else Do You Want? I'm Posing! by Milanie 10)... Read more
1) Camels Emerging From the Sea Mist by Babs 2) Fort Under the Milky Way by Taffy 3) He looks so proud of himself by Esther Rosenberg 4) Crabbing in the morning mist by Kerry McCarthy 5) My morning latte 🌞 by Call me Joe 6) Reaching For The Sky by gloria jones 7) A darter on the blackthorn by haskar 8) Joyful... Read more
September has arrived already! As we fly into the last third of 2022, we're feeling energized and ready to get stuck into a new season and even new routines, especially for those heading back to work and school. Thank you for so many awesome entries during a busy summer, or winter, and for making our amazing community what it... Read more
1) Buddies by Milanie 2) Eastern amberwing dragenfly by Esther Rosenberg 3) Buck Moon at Rockland Breakwater by Junko Y 4) Morning Magic by *lynn 5) Unusual Guest by Peter Dulis 6) Standing Ovation by Shepherdman's Wife 7) 2022-08-25 inside spiral by Mona 8) Circular Solarized Slinky by Babs 9) Lake View by Shutterbug 10) sunflower field by April 11) “ we will get back to... Read more
1) Very Tall Milky Way by Taffy 2) Balsam Lake Reflections by Peter Dulis 3) Monarch by *lynn 4) Gator by Esther Rosenberg 5) I'm Off...... by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Sunset by KWind 7) The Lady With The Red Hat. by gloria jones 8) Gorgeous Ziggy by Diana 9) What A Sunset by Jane Pittenger 10) The fever... by Mags 11) Had a Good Sunset to... Read more
We'd like to say a big Thank You to everyone who voted for this month's finalists to help choose winner of July's "Perspectives" theme. We are thrilled to crown @rjb71 as the winner! A familiar face in the community, we never get tired of seeing the world through Richard's lens. We highly recommend you follow his account for stunning wildlife photography,... Read more
1) Common Blue Butterfly on Echinacea by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Lakeside Watching by Peter Dulis 3) Fighting Hummers by Jane Pittenger 4) Sunset by KWind 5) Oh, it is hot outside - even the birds don't move. by Esther Rosenberg 6) Somewhere in the bushes by haskar 7) If They Won't Come to Me, I'll Go to Them by Milanie 8) sterile by ☠northy 9) Flower... Read more
1) Goodbye Manitoulin Island by Peter Dulis 2) Iowa Farmland by *lynn 3) Visitor to the pond by sarah 4) Ah, the light! by haskar 5) Garden scene........ by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Rainbows and Flowers: Some Beaver island Magic by Taffy 7) Bee-ing around my backyard by Esther Rosenberg 8) Bye bye Bee by Faye Turner 9) Hosta Flowers by Chris Cook 10) The... Read more