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1) I see you! by Shepherdman's Wife 2) What a Sunset by KWind 3) Sherman Waterfalls by Peter Dulis 4) Late Afternoon Light by *lynn 5) And I'm still beautiful by haskar 6) Late Day Dunes by aikiuser (jenn) 7) Purple and pink petals by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) A first for me by Diana 9) Backlighting by gloria jones 10) koodn't resist by KoalaGardens🐨 11)... Read more
1) Fish it’s what for breakfast! by PhotoCrazy 2) Milky Way At Outlet by Jane Pittenger 3) Tew WaterFalls Hamilton by Peter Dulis 4) Egret in flight by Faye Turner 5) 2020-10-15 just another brochure by Mona 6) Toadstools.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) Sun setting —time to head home by sarah 8) Stag in the mist by Shepherdman's Wife 9) Sunrise &... Read more
1) Morning Dance of the Reddish Egrets by PhotoCrazy 2) What a little beauty by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Pink Hour Triptych by Babs 4) Into the Woods at Night by Taffy 5) Diamond Lake Sunrise by *lynn 6) 2020-10-10 wobbly by Mona 7) Kookaburra by KoalaGardens🐨 8) Blue Heron Sunrise by KV 9) Red Balloon by Rosie Kerr 10) Almost Looks Like Summer - and Feels It, Too. by... Read more
Thanks again to everyone who took five minutes to check out our monthly theme finalists and cast a vote! The 365 community always blows us away with your ongoing support and encouragement for others. Today, we're excited to crown @shepherdmanswife as the winner of September's "Animals" theme. Congratulations! A truly dedicated member of the 365project community, @shepherdmanswife has shared thousands of... Read more
1) Quebec's Canopy of Color by Peter Dulis 2) Mount Cook by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Just love birds in-flight by PhotoCrazy 4) Ready for a smooth landing by Esther Rosenberg 5) New Beginnings by aikiuser (jenn) 6) Can You Find the Sun? by Taffy 7) Think He's Telling Us Goodbye for the Year by Milanie 8) The most beautiful hotel in town by haskar 9) 2020-10-04... Read more
1) Look what Happened Tonight by KWind 2) Robin by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Seeking by JackieR 4) Touching purple by haskar 5) An Intense Conversation by Taffy 6) The other side... ( best on black. ) by Sylvia du Toit 7) Lake Eola reflections, Orlando Florida by PhotoCrazy 8) Dandelion Fireworks! by Faye Turner 9) Rainbow Slinky Globe... Read more
As we shift in to fall and start racing through the last 100 days of the year (Blimey!) we're settling into our post-summer routines and hoping our community is keeping safe and healthy. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for September's “Animal” theme. As always, your entries exceeded our expectations and we LOVED reviewing all of your entries. (You... Read more
1) Early Morning Fisherman by *lynn 2) 2020-09-17 particles by Mona 3) stags in waiting by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Last Night's Sunset by Jane Pittenger 5) Beauty from the Setting Sun by Taffy 6) Foggy morning paddle by Islandgirl 7) At last!!!! by Sylvia du Toit 8) Stormy night on Sand Key, Florida by PhotoCrazy 9) You don't see me right? by Esther Rosenberg 10) Hanging out... Read more
1) I say goodbye for a while by Jerome 2) Herringfleet by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Shake your feathers......do you want to dance.... by Sylvia du Toit 4) Get out of my way by haskar 5) Wine Glass Patterns by Babs 6) Can't fly in the rain by Faye Turner 7) Sunflower Glow by *lynn 8) Bee-ing busy by Esther Rosenberg 9) Fish for Lunch by ZambianLass 10) Walking on... Read more
Thank you to everyone who's taken part, submitted photos, supported others and voted for their favourite shots. The 365 community and all the amazing photographs you share have continuously brought smiles to faces and have helped us all explore outside of our bubbles during lockdown. Today, we're excited to crown @parisouailleurs as the winner of August's "Movement" theme. Congratulations! A very... Read more
1) Twisted Lake Driftwood by Peter Dulis 2) Early Morning in the Bay by Islandgirl 3) Hiking Trees by KWind 4) Moon by *lynn 5) Rain ahead by FBailey 6) 2020-08-27 smooth green hills by Mona 7) Say What? by Esther Rosenberg 8) Daisy droplet! by Faye Turner 9) God,please give me a sign🌞 by joeyM 10) Caught Despite the "Help" by Milanie 11) Shallow Water Foliage by KV 12) Pretty... Read more
Is it just us, or did we just blink and miss August?! As we roll into the final third of 2020, we hope you're all keeping safe and well as we adapt to new seasons and new routines, for those heading back to work and school. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for August's “Movement” theme. Our amazing... Read more