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1) Lake in the rain by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Dancer At Play by TaffyR 3) Fenceline by FBailey 4) Cuteness Overload by Islandgirl 5) Spring Beauties by *lynn 6) Pink flower.......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) Training by Dianne 8) Colours of nature by Pyrrhula 9) I Believe I Can Fly. by tony gig 10) Hidden by haskar 11) 2019-05-23 after sunset by Mona 12) Caves Beach... Read more
1) Triplets by gloria jones 2) Sunset by KWind 3) Spring in the Park by *lynn 4) 2019-05-19 walk in the woods by Mona 5) Salamander Sunset by Babs 6) A Half and Half Back Drop by TaffyR 7) ghost in the machine by Graeme Stevens 8) Triplets by Lynne 9) Focus Stacked Mother's Day Flower by Jane Pittenger 10) The Augustów Canal by haskar 11) Rainbow bubbles by Shanne 12)... Read more
1) Wednesday Morning by KWind 2) Early Morning Light by Shepherdman's Wife 3) The Marina by Babs 4) Just looking by jDM 5) Twelve O'clock. by Lee 6) The Prettiest Sound of the Day by Milanie 7) Gasp! A Flying White Peacock! by Junko Y 8) I'm off! by ChristineL 9) For Joan @joansmor by Diana Ludwigs 10) African daisies....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 11) Looking Up... Read more
It's that time of month again - we've counted your votes and are ready to announce the winner of the get close theme from April! Thanks again for taking time to review our 6 finalists before casting your votes for a winning photo - you guys never let us down! We're delighted to crown @cjwhite as the winner. Congratulations! I think we speak... Read more
1) Clouds Surround Some Skyscrapers by TaffyR 2) Goose by *lynn 3) Side Lit Poppy by Jane Pittenger 4) Dandelion by gloria jones 5) Let Me Tell You About My Day . . . by Milanie 6) 2019-05-03 new light by Mona 7) Trifecta! by Denise Wood 8) Spinifex Pigeon by judith deacon 9) One Man and His Dog by FBailey 10) Down by the Lake by Shepherdman's Wife 11)... Read more
Is it just us, or does this year seems to be accelerating faster each month? Once again, we’d like to thank you all for taking part in April’s “Get Close” theme. We’re bursting with pride looking through so many amazing photographs - we sure do have a talented community! As always, you can view the six finalists and vote for a... Read more
1) Moon Emerges from Behind Sears Tower by TaffyR 2) Bubble........ by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) 2019-04-23 simple & sweet by Mona 4) Young shoot by haskar 5) Deer Deer Me by tony gig 6) Cormorant Giving A Speech by Jane Pittenger 7) lost in fork forest by ☠northy 8) Down in the Woods by FBailey 9) Today Is Going To Be A Great... Read more
1) Notice the Beauty by *lynn 2) Millennium Park at Sunset by TaffyR 3) Three Sisters minus One Plus Farmer George... by julia 4) Happy by Rosie Kerr 5) Turn around by jDM 6) The end of a glorious day by Denise Wood 7) Wispy Head Feathers by gloria jones 8) Blooming time by haskar 9) "But I am saying Cheese ..." by FBailey 10) Shrooms by Jane... Read more
The middle of the month is already here, which means it's time to announce the winner of the animals theme from March! Thanks again for taking time to review our 6 finalists before casting your votes for a winning photo - you guys are the best! We're thrilled to announce @koalagardens as the winner. Congratulations! Like us, it seems the 365 community couldn't... Read more
1) Wait til the Light Turns Green? But, I'm Colorblind! by TaffyR 2) 2019-04-08 the experienced glider by Mona 3) Another Tulip Shot by KWind 4) Waterlily with a photobomber. by Diana Ludwigs 5) Hovering Around the Nectarine Blooms by Jane Pittenger 6) Cherry...(Velvet Taste) by tony gig 7) picture of health by KoalaGardens 8) Strolling around the beach by jDM 9) the rushed and the hidden... Read more
1) Sea Dog by FBailey 2) 2019-04-01 My Rainbow 2019 by Mona 3) Follow My Lead! by TaffyR 4) Our Big Rainbow by kali 5) “I'm the King of the Feeder” or “May I Have This Dance?” by Jane Pittenger 6) Savouring the last of lovely day by Denise Wood 7) Lawn daisies........ by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Who needs April’s fool— by... Read more
Before we kick of our fourth theme of the year, we’d like to take a second to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in March’s Animal theme. You guys kept us busy for hours with so many amazing entries! As usual, you can view the six finalists and vote for a winner below, but first we want... Read more