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This week we want you to tackle one of the most desirable photography accomplishments - action shots, with the theme 'moving'! From birds soaring high in the sky, to dogs sprinting across a field, to cyclists speeding past, to traffic zooming underneath your feet while you watch from a bridge - we expect you won't have to look too far... Read more
1) Train Snaking Through the Skyscrapers by TaffyR 2) 2018-10-06 back home by Mona 3) Pelican Migration by *lynn 4) Sunrise by KWind 5) A World of Books by Babs 6) Harbour by haskar 7) Double bar Finches. by sally agnew 8) Oh Deer, What A Surprise. by Shepherdman 9) autumn of life by Jerome 10) a quick trip to the city by Graeme Stevens 11) I Am In Energy... Read more
This week we're feeling inspired by the recent announcement of the 2018 Nobel Prize award winners - with the theme 'Periodic Table'! Although this might be our most obscure theme yet, so many elements in the periodic table make for incredible photography inspiration! Click to enlarge. For 'He' - Helium, get creative with some balloons. For 'O' - Oxygen, play with... Read more
1) More from Mam Tor by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Trio..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) With Light And Color by CC Folk 4) Old and New by TaffyR 5) Foggy morning by Islandgirl 6) My Boy by KWind 7) Autumn on Svorksjøen by Elisabeth Sæter 8) Chief Mountain by Karly 9) alpine hike by Jerome 10) sci fi by Clare Gadsby 11) 2018-09-30 my kind of... Read more
It's no secret that a lot of us find photographic inspiration from mother nature, and we love seeing so many nature snaps from the 365project community! Influenced by the beautiful 'green giants' around us in British Columbia, this week's theme is 'wood'! From beautiful the changing leaves of fall, to the budding blossoms in the southern hemisphere, this time of... Read more
1) Sunrise by KWind 2) another walk in the park by Jerome 3) 2018-09-23 homebound by Mona 4) Mt Cook by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Wild and Free by *lynn 6) A Midwestern Sunset by TaffyR 7) I've Got an Itch by Babs 8) Stormy Sunset by Richard Brown 9) Waiting by Casablanca 10) between the land and sea by Graeme Stevens 11) Orange-Yellow Shades by gloria jones 12) Sunset at Crater... Read more
This week we want you to practice one of the most dramatic photography techniques to master, with the theme 'low-key'! We have some super talented low key experts here on 365project, so why not check out the latest photos tagged with 'lowkey' for some inspiration. To get started, you'll need to decide on a subject or find a willing model, choose... Read more
1) Twisflected by Suzanne 2) In Formation by TaffyR 3) Today's Sunrise by *lynn 4) Egret in the reeds....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Empty Nest by Richard Brown 6) We're home! by KWind 7) Hawaiian Sunrise by photogq 8) evening excursion by Jerome 9) Another "You Can't See Me!" by Karly 10) Sunset by mittens (Marilyn) 11) Tenby Beach by Shepherdman's Wife 12) Striped Stubble by... Read more
This week's theme is again linked to last week's, in the sense that plastic is a big concern for our oceans. With over 70% of the earth's surface being water, I guess it's easy to take water for granted. So this week, we want to celebrate H2O with the theme 'aqua'! (Mainly because 'water' was used as a theme word... Read more
1) Red Squirrel by Shepherdman's Wife 2) The sun beneath my wings..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) Grain Bin Steps by *lynn 4) Mt Hood Across Trillium Lake by TaffyR 5) Looking Down the Coast At the Milky Way 2018 by Jane Pittenger 6) Watching the Waves by FBailey 7) Falcon. by Lee 8) Getting ready to roost by Denise Wood 9) Gage's... Read more
From last week's nature related theme, we're going switch straight to something man made. In particular, we're focusing on something that's been causing problems with nature and gaining a lot of attention around the world. That's right, this week's theme is 'plastic'! A wonder material from previous generations, plastic is everywhere! Let's admit, it's very useful and versatile, plus it comes... Read more
1) Flying Between the Milky Way and the Big Dipper by TaffyR 2) On his lonesome.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) The birds and the bees by Denise Wood 4) Stormy Sunset Sky by *lynn 5) Getting Down And Foody by tony gig 6) Over Pollinated II by Stef Neyhart 7) Leaf Lace by FBailey 8) 2018-09-01 gone fishing by Mona 9) Sunset over Quart... Read more