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With lots of our 365 community enjoying long summer days, it's the perfect time of year to get outside and go exploring with your camera. So, this week our theme is critters! Even if you don't get a chance to head out searching for wildlife, critters come in all shapes and sizes, from crazy cats and dozing dogs to zoo antics... Read more
1) Just love these critters by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Flying High by TaffyR 3) Frog Eyes by *lynn 4) Moonlight Stag by Jennifer 5) Sunrise by KWind 6) Sunrise in a droplet. by sally agnew 7) Who says my face is lopsided? by Gayle 8) Flowy Petals....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 9) Bruny Island Morning Stillness by Junko Y 10) Dragonfly Zombie by Sue Hecker 11)... Read more
Inspired by last week's theme, which featured lots of photos taken by looking up at soaring birds, this week we'll also need to look up but are switching mother nature for man made. That's right, this week's theme is buildings! From houses to high rises, offices to ornate archways and log cabins to luxury yurts - we are surrounded by beautiful,... Read more
1) Quiet Evening at the Lake by TaffyR 2) Poppies at Sunset by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Music Man by Jennifer 4) journey by April 5) Beak In the Cookie Jar by Jane Pittenger 6) Attitude by Babs 7) Now get out of my way I need to find my baby by Rookynook 8) Misty sunrise. by sally agnew 9) Peachy Sunset by *lynn 10) Reflection, a Great Blue Heron... Read more
Over the last couple months, we've enjoyed watching the local gaggle of geese transform. The last of the goslings are really blending into the crowd, yet it only seems like yesterday that we were spotting the first spring hatchlings! Which leads us into this week's feathers theme! Whether you watch out for birds in the garden, visit more exotic species at the... Read more
1) Sunrise on another freezing morning. by sally agnew 2) Fishing in the Rain by Jennifer 3) They'll Never Spot me Here by TaffyR 4) Sunset on Svorksjøen by Elisabeth Sæter 5) subway fisheye by ☠northy 6) Robin singing to me.... by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Robin Baby by *lynn 8) Why See the World Through Rose Colored Glasses, When You Can See in Technicolor? by Simply Amanda 9)... Read more
With lots of 365ers enjoying long summer days, warm sunny weather and some incredible sunsets, we're feeling inspired to get outside and go exploring for this week's skylines theme! From dawn to dusk, rainbows to storm clouds, mountains to skyscrapers, there are millions of possible outcomes when it comes to skylines. We can't wait to see all the interesting places,... Read more
1) A Cup of Prit-Tea by Jennifer 2) nothingman by Graeme Stevens 3) coneflower by *lynn 4) 2017-06-23 silky paws by Mona 5) Sunset watchers by Denise Wood 6) Passion Flower. by tony gig 7) The begining by Northland Gal 8) ladybird by Shepherdman's Wife 9) UFC by JdM 10) Summer fanfare...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 11) Another cold Stanthorpe morning. by sally agnew 12) Holder fog... Read more
Shutter speeds, cars, how quickly kids grow up; some things are just really fast, and this week we want to see the fast things in your life. How to enter this week's theme When uploading your photos use the tag section (on the edit/organise screen) and insert this week's theme tag: theme-fast. Entry Guidelines: Photos must be your own and must have been... Read more
1) Evening Lesson by TaffyR 2) Elephants playing 2 by Claude Trew 3) Off to feed the chicks..... by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Gosling Cuteness by gloria jones 5) Farm Pond by *lynn 6) Gimme a Fish by Babs 7) Wafting wilfully....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Life on the Estuary - The Marina by Debbie 9) Imerging. by Lee 10) Prom 2017 by KWind 11)... Read more
Week after week, our Top 20 list features amazing pictures of flowers, plants and the great outdoors, so we thought you'd have fun with this week's - floral theme! Whether you have flowers blooming in your garden, a local market with a rainbow of blooms or are able to head out to your local park for a walk - most of... Read more
1) High Tide by Babs 2) daisies by *lynn 3) Daisies, heart and lantern.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Photo Fawn by KWind 5) Lights of National Harbor, Maryland by PhotoCrazy 6) morning glory by Graeme Stevens 7) Life on the Estuary. by Debbie 8) Empty Nest by Jennifer 9) Landing by tony gig 10) Love When They Follow My Rules by Milanie 11) Nibble nibble by... Read more