Christmas Centrepiece by farmreporter

Christmas Centrepiece

I know, I know! Christmas is long over and NOW I'm uploading a Christmas photo that I actually shot today.
But, it's for the latest macro challenge, which is Christmas centrepiece, that ends today.
This centrepiece was made by my mother-in-law about 20 years ago. It has real pinecones and fabric poinsettias with mini-lights throughout. It really sets the table with a soft glow. (Although it is starting to show its' age with the pinecones drying out and dust accumulating on the flowers)
This was a tough challenge since it is supposed to be macro and this shot is more of a close-up than macro. I think everyone had the same problem, though, so I am in good company!
Better late than never to enter a challenge, I guess!
It's really pretty and so nice that your mother in law made it for you! I still have my Christmas tree up! I've got to get busy and put it away!
January 19th, 2019  
A lovely close up of the pine cones and poinsettias.
I found a definition of macro photography as photography producing photographs of small items larger than life size. I certainly think that you acheived that end.
January 19th, 2019  
Still makes a lovely shot. How nice that it has lasted this long.
January 19th, 2019  
VML how the POV on the pine cones makes them look like stacked walnuts. Now you're playing my tune ;-) Interesting when you perceive something quite different from what it really is.
January 19th, 2019  
I beg to differ. It's Christmas day in my house today!! Girls home and we have a festive feast, crackers, lights and gifts!!!

Oh, fab lighting here
January 19th, 2019  
@jenp I was really efficient this year and got my tree down on New Year's Day. One year though, it stayed up until March!
@randystreat Thank you for the info on macro. I have always wondered about that ... I find that the line between macro and close-up is so blurry!
@bella_ss I try to protect this lovely basket as best as I can but time and the dry winter air is starting to take its toll on it. I will hate the day I finally have to throw it out!
@s4sayer Thank you for your kind words, Margo! I find it so interesting the many different ways people can view the same photo and see so many different things.
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Well, Merry Christmas, Jackie! Hope you have a wonderful day with your girls.
January 19th, 2019  
Well it’s beautiful nonetheless. Sentimental too, which I love.
January 19th, 2019  
Great shot
January 19th, 2019  
Looks lovely!
January 19th, 2019  
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