Birds of A Feather,

flock together. Or so the old saying goes.
But in this instance, birds of many feathers get along just as well!
Sometimes I wonder why I bother filling bird feeders when they seem to delight in emptying them onto the ground and then picking the seeds up from there!
When food is in question its amazing how the whole community stick together ! A lovely shot !
posted January 17th, 2018  
posted January 17th, 2018  
Love it! Fav
posted January 17th, 2018  
They just don't want to be wasteful. Good capture of the gathering of different birds.
posted January 17th, 2018  
Lovely shot :)
posted January 17th, 2018  
and then, along come the blue jays,,
posted January 18th, 2018  
Lovely capture! So wonderful to catch so many birds in one shot! :-)
posted January 20th, 2018  
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