A garden is good for the soul by fiveplustwo

A garden is good for the soul


Working in the garden . . . gives me a profound feeling of inner peace. .. Here is the great mystery of life and growth. Everything is changing, growing, aiming at something, but silently, unboastfully, taking its time.-
Ruth Stout
Yes, fully agree. What a beautiful garden you have!
January 2nd, 2018  
That is an amazing garden @kali66
Looks like a peaceful placešŸŒ¹
January 3rd, 2018  
I think you might be good for the garden. I love the prayerful, calm attitude
January 3rd, 2018  
@guttersniperebeccca it really is, its a tangled mess by the end of summer but i love it.
January 3rd, 2018  
@francoise i hope so, i nurture it and it nurtures me
January 3rd, 2018  
@overalvandaan thats only one little snippet, i cant do panoramas because there is always something unsightly in the picture, like buckets and wire and poles but in vignettes its magic
January 3rd, 2018  
It is! @kali66
January 5th, 2018  
@kali66 yours is a full, lush, sumptuous garden!!! I would feel at peace entirely, too... beautiful. :)
January 8th, 2018  
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