how do you sleep at night? by fiveplustwo

how do you sleep at night?

"go placidly amidst the noise and the haste, but remember what peace there may be in silence..." max ehrmann

if we say nothing, if we stay silent, can we be at peace with ourselves? can we sleep in peace knowing these things exist around us? is there really peace in silence?

but what can one person do? does a pebble thrown in the ocean create a wave from its tiny ripples? but then consider a tiny spark burning a whole forest.

Some wise words there - your own self put amongst these pictures has a meaning that will make me think some more - all good!
January 3rd, 2018  
Powerful, Vicki!!
January 3rd, 2018  
Profound image
January 3rd, 2018  
massively thought provoking
January 3rd, 2018  
Ah, Vikki - you shame us out of our complacency.
January 3rd, 2018  
January 3rd, 2018  
good message collage
January 4th, 2018  
Powerful, Vikki. And thought provoking.
January 5th, 2018  
wow is all
January 5th, 2018  
How poignant, very well seen/interpreted Vikki... So true. @summerfield
January 8th, 2018  
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