Lucca 3 - The walls by frappa77

Lucca 3 - The walls

Laura @la_photographic wrote to me: "As I am your Get Pushed partner what about a landmark where you live in a different way..."
I'm in Lucca for my holidays so I shared with you some pictures of this wonderful city of Tuscany...
Unfortunately I forgot the USB cable of my camera so I could only upload the pictures I have taken with my mobile phone...
These are the walls of Lucca... as you can see there are a lot of people walking on them... We are all here for the same reason: The Lucca Comics & Games...
Beautiful light and color. There sure are a lot of people there
October 30th, 2016  
My last answer to your challenge!
October 31st, 2016  
I have always loved Lucca and its walls. Its been a long time since I was there though.
October 31st, 2016  
Nice autumn color!
October 31st, 2016  
Love the variety of colours.
October 31st, 2016  
beautiful lines and colours. Enjoy your holiday!
October 31st, 2016  
Hi -- We're partners this week. I have a houseful of teen-age boys who would be thrilled to attend these anime conventions... In looking through your album, I was particularly taken with the street shot from the Romics convention you posted on the 2nd. Fabulous shot! As a challenge, how about doing more black and white photography, perhaps focusing on architecture since there is a theme happening now.
October 31st, 2016  
Thank you for your challenge to me, can't believe result!
October 31st, 2016  
Hi Francoise! Thank you very much for your proposal... I love b&w photography! Challenge accepted!
nb. very soon I'll post the pictures I have taken at the Lucca Comics & Games convention... the entire city is involved in this event and the experience you live is unique! :)
November 1st, 2016  
I visit Lucca often, but I've not been there for the Lucca Comics before! What a crowd!
November 3rd, 2016  
@grammyn @moonmtn @linjoyce @linjoyce @la_photographic @cruiser @will_wooderson
Thank you very much for passing by! Lucca it's a wonderful place where to spend a relaxing holiday!
I love to walk on its walls and alleys, expecially in autumn, with these splendid colours... During this period of the year there are always
thousand of people (600 this year) for the convention of Comics & Games and the city is a little bit chaotic, but even more coloured and fashinating with all the people and their extraordinary costumes!
November 3rd, 2016  
You cannot miss it next year! :)
November 3rd, 2016  
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