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a very loose interpretation of a shadow and my last post for a while. I am feeling overwhelmed with school and need to focus on it. I regret not spending more time on 365 recently because of it and have decided to abstain for now. When I get the chance I will pop in from time to time and may leave a simple comment to let you know. Thanks for all your support and understanding!
I think you do need a holiday - you comment so often as well as posting! You will still be on my Number One list! Good luck with the school!
May 5th, 2019  
@maggiemae MWAH! thanks MM
May 5th, 2019  
You spoil us with all your comments. Take a guilt-free break.
May 5th, 2019  
I completely understand. Take care of yourself!
May 6th, 2019  
@tunia so nice of you Tunia thanks
@louannwarren i really appreciate that Lou Ann thanks so much
May 6th, 2019  
Katy, I don't know how you were doing school, everything else you do AND taking great photos, posting them and commenting daily on 365. If school is overwhelming you, then that is what you need to concentrate on right now (funny--I just told my college student the same thing when she "lost" her car because it had been towed from an illegal parking space.) We will be here when you can pop in. We will miss you! Best of luck with school.
May 6th, 2019  
@eudora You have no idea how much that support means to me. Strange I should be feeling the crunch like a teenager!
May 6th, 2019  
Take care of yourself and good luck with school.
May 6th, 2019  
Good luck with your course and we'll look forward to seeing you again once you have successfully completed your studies! I don't know how you find the to do everything, you always leave such kind and thoughtful comments on every photo!
May 6th, 2019  
Take care -- good luck with school and we'll see you at break, hopefully!
May 6th, 2019  
I have always wondered how you manage it all Katy, you were always there with your wonderful comments. Now it is time for you to concentrate and finish your course. Look after yourself, looking forward to see you when you are ready :-)
May 6th, 2019  
School is essential for your brain, future and the reasons you're studying. Family is important for sanity, warmth and support. Photography is great for
your brain's mindfulness. Have no regrets, 365 is not essential, important or mindful if it adds to your workload.
May 6th, 2019  
You'll be missed, Katy - but you must concentrate on what's important to you at the moment. Take care and good luck with the studies!
May 7th, 2019  
@amyk thanks so very much Amy
@judithdeacon How nice of you Judith. Right now l find it quite difficult.
@taffy thanks so much. My first break will be in November!
@ludwigsdiana what a wonderful comment of encouragement Diana thanks so much
@30pics4jackiesdiamond You have no idea how much l appreciate that understanding Jackie Thanks
@kwiksilver Aww thanks bunches girlfriend! that means a lot to me.
May 7th, 2019  
school work first, stay safe and be happy my friend
May 10th, 2019  
@lesip thank you so much! At this stage however studying and being happy are at opposite ends of the spectrum !
May 10th, 2019  
Awww- I was wondering where you were but am glad to hear it is because of a busy schedule. I feel the same way as the others- I am constantly amazed at all the things you do- for hubby, for family, for your church and going to school and so on! Of course your comments and your lovely personality will be truly missed but we will be here when you get back! Blessings to you and your family too!
May 17th, 2019  
@olivetreeann thank you so very much, Ann. I may have gotten myself in over my head with this one. Three classes every seven weeks from now until thanksgiving is about to kill me. I hated to pass on 365 but recognize the need to focus on this for a while. I am planning on coming back and as I said will pop in from time to time because I miss my ”family”!
May 19th, 2019  
Ditto to everything other wise people have written above. Concentrate on what is most important. When you’re not weighted down with class work we look forward to seeing your photos again. If you sometimes need a break, pop onto 365 for a quick visual treat and DON’T feel you have to comment or reply!
May 19th, 2019  
@mcsiegle Thanks so much, Mary! I am sporadically visiting and very often making only single word comments to let you know I have seen your photo. School is definitely coming first for now
May 20th, 2019  
Take care Katy good luck with all your study xx
May 25th, 2019  
@Dawn thank you so much Dawn. I miss my 365 friends a lot but need to get this done first and then I will be back.
May 28th, 2019  
Haven't seen you in a while and I was catching up with my follower's projects today and saw your post. Believe me, I know how important taking a break to focus on other things is. Hope everything with school goes very well!!!
June 9th, 2019  
I was just about to leave you a message apologising because I am so behind on commenting and then I read your post. I hope you are okay and school is going well. Hope to catch up on your beautiful photos again in the near future. x
June 19th, 2019  
@cjphoto Thanks for your understanding, Chris! Everything with school is going as well as can be expected I won’t be done till May so I am expecting a long hiatus from 365. I try and comment every now and then but it bothers me that I’m not as consistent as I used to be

@nicolecampbell No worries because as you can see I haven’t posted in a while. I try and stop by to view some of my old friends every now and then but I’m not really very consistent with it at all. I’m doing well and school is keeping me busy. I hope to be done in May and then maybe I can get back to 365. Thanks for your well wishes.
June 19th, 2019  
May of next year, correct? You have a ways to go, but glad its going well so far! And don't feel bad, Katy. This is important and understandable. Enjoy your studies and small moments you have to check out friends every now and then here. Even just the few comments you left me have been as encouraging as 100 comments! I really mean that. Like they say, it's the thought that counts. :)
June 20th, 2019  
how's school going? i had to delay my plan of visiting you because i didn't want to be in the way of your search for knowledge. :-) let me know how you're doing. i miss you.
June 26th, 2019  
@cjphoto right Chris because May of this year is already past! ;~} I really appreciate your kindness!
June 28th, 2019  
@summerfield Ugh! one day at a time! I hate it is keeping you from coming here and appreciate it all at the same time. You will have to come to my graduation in May.......if I make it! I have been thinking about you a lot lately so it is great to hear from you! ♥
June 28th, 2019  
Hi Katy! I miss you on 365, but glad to hear that school is going well. It will be worth it when you graduate!
July 7th, 2019  
@eudora Thanks so much Diane. I keep telling myself that too but it makes me wonder sometimes. It will be nice to have time for
365 again. I just posted tonight for the first time in weeks!
July 8th, 2019  
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