Malvern Hills

Today is the last day of half term so we spent the day following a treasure hunt on the Malvern Hills. A secret spy mission with 21 clues to discover the de-activation code for a 'dirty' bomb set to contaminate the spa water. And with a picnic on the hills half way round too.

Having solved the first 4 clues we took a detour to the top of British Camp before carrying on with the next set (the bomb would just have to wait!). This is the view back towards the hills, with part of the iron age earthworks in the foreground.
I love the Malverns! Dramatic sky. I hope you played fighting off the Romans.
posted November 2nd, 2012  
Fantastic shot Tom fav for me
posted November 2nd, 2012  
WOW. Fav
posted November 3rd, 2012  
@jillyflower Ben and Sam did indeed take the opportunity to do battle, however I don't think they fully got the concept as guns were involved.
@simon0128 @lesip Thanks both. Much appreciated. It is s beautiful part of the world.
posted November 3rd, 2012  
Lovely view- do you remember cycling along there with us and someones wheel scattered ballbearings all over the road?
posted November 5th, 2012  
@mariadarby I remember it well. Pushed the bikes up most of the way, and free wheeled down, although seem to remember keeping the breaks on as it was too scary. And Jo was even worse! Think I've got some photos somewhere.
posted November 5th, 2012  
@mariadarby Actually, thinking about it, wasn't it Long Mynd, and not Malvern where Howard 'lost his bearings'?
posted November 5th, 2012  
@harveyzone Oh dear my brains going -I thought the Long Mynd was part of the Malvern range. It was the Long Mynd and I'm off to find a map to check it all out.
posted November 6th, 2012  
Gorgeous view! Love the shadows of the clouds on the ground :)
posted November 16th, 2012  
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