Neighbor Ducks Tucked In A Row by hbdaly

Neighbor Ducks Tucked In A Row

These three fuzzy little fellas have been hanging around our dock with their Mom for the whole week. Yesterday she went off to do something and they sat tucked in like this until she came back. I love seeing them all swimming around together. I’ve named them Huey Dewey and Louie. Not very original, I know but what do you want - I’m on vacation! 😊
They are so cute! Great shot.
August 16th, 2019  
Holly! So glad to see you've kept your account! This is a delightful photo and I see many more that look excellent. I think if you and your boys often, there in Lunenburg! Our Lunenburg house is for sale, but the market tanked on the day we listed it! Sad/not sad...we can continue to return another summer (I hope!) I hope you all are well!
October 19th, 2022  
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