Said Bin Taimur Mosque by ingrid01

Said Bin Taimur Mosque

Just popping in to say "hi". Unfortunately no time to look at your projects.
After a lovely 4 days doing absolutely nothing on the Maldives 2 very hectic weeks were upon me.

Tonight (or actually tomorrow very early) I will travel with our dogs Dino and Baloo from Muscat to Houston. All our paperwork is ready and my suitcases are packed. I also tried to prepare the house as best as I could for my husband Norbert who will stay here for 2 more weeks with Yelena. She will then fly out and Norbert will pack up.

As last goodbye and for the 52Frames challenge architecture I asked Norbert to go out with me on Thursday evening. But he was too busy selling our car, so that didn't happen.

Normally I did not take photos of mosques on Fridays, but I checked the prayer times and we went after. This was not the mosque I set out to take photos of, but I liked this one best.

You can see this one from another angle by daylight when I posted it in April 2021:

Next week will be very hectic! We'll drive from Houston to Dallas for Nadya's graduation and on Friday our belongings that were in storage will already be delivered!
The week after I hope to be able to use Nadya's computer, post some more photos and catch up!
Safe travels! I look forward to seeing what you find in Houston
May 14th, 2022  
Your captured the lighting well in this one. Safe Travels!!!
May 14th, 2022  
So glad to see your post and learn what’s going on. You are so busy, oh my! Exciting times for your family, really. Congratulations to Nadya, UTD is a brilliant university!
May 14th, 2022  
A wonderful shot
May 14th, 2022  
This is such an awesome night shot! Beautiful! It' good to hear from you. Safe travels to Houston. :)
May 14th, 2022  
Great looking mosque. See more of your adventures when you are settled.
May 14th, 2022  
Lovely nighttime shot
May 14th, 2022  
Very nice
May 14th, 2022  
A great night shot of this mosque! Fav (Nice to hear from you, Ingrid! Safe travels and all the best as you make the transition back.)
May 14th, 2022  
I can see why you like this mosque it is beautiful. What a busy time you are having, hope all goes to plan and you have a safe journey.
May 14th, 2022  
Lovely light on this beautiful mosque. Safe travels
May 15th, 2022  
Stunning sight!
May 18th, 2022  
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