Go Vegan!

Our daughter arrived yesterday and after a celebratory glass of champagne at home, we all went for a long walk in Paris together - 18 km to be precise.

We walked from our appartment in the 16th, to the Jardin des Tuileries, The Louvre, Place de la Republique, Bastille and then after some sustenance in Le Marais, all the way back home by the river.

Our son has recently become vegan, and I have to say that although I admire his ethics and will power, I find his new-found eating habits extremely anti-social. Meal-times are now difficult - always looking for something that everyone can eat. Or rather, always looking for something that he can eat. And he insists that he's not fussy! Not only is he vegan, but he has the appetite of a horse - a cracker and mushroom pâté does not cut it! He admits that on his own, in his student flat, eating vegan is not an issue, but that it's more difficult when others are involved. There are not many restaurants in Paris that cater for all of us together. However, we did enjoy our meal in the vegan restaurant called 'Le Potager du Marais'.

I'd love to hear comments on this subject, by the way.

Anyway, the photo was taken at the Place de la République. By pure chance there was an demonstration ongoing when we passed through, protesting against abattoirs and the killing of animals for human consumption. We had no idea that this was happening, and found it really funny that we should stumble across it. While he may have become vegan, he's not yet marching in the streets! One must keep one's sense of humour!!!!!
A big day walking for you all. It's a tricky one these food things, and good on him for making a stand. Vegan is extra difficult when out in a crowd looking for somewhere to dine. I am gluten free (coeliac) and although I try not to make any fuss, it has to be right, which at times can be a pain when out with others. As your son said, it is easy at home, because you just have all the right things in the cupboard.
posted June 24th, 2018  
@dide Yes, and doubly difficult for us at the moment as we're in temporary accommodation, with a tiny kitchen and moving out in a week, so don't want to buy a whole heap of new store-cupboard food! Ah well, I'm sure we can get used to it, if he can.
posted June 24th, 2018  
O dear .. knowing the problems @dide has with her diet requirments I can understand your problem ... but as a dairy farmer it would not be a problem we have in this household ... Though farmer George is not too adverse to the 'odd' vegetarian meal... vegan would be on step too far I think
posted June 24th, 2018  
Snap - my son has also 'gone vegan' over the last couple of years. I can relate to struggling to find something suitable for him yet still satisfy the omnivores in the family. However as he just ran his first marathon today I guess he is very fit so it must be good for him - and in fact his children are eating very healthily these days too. He also does most of the cooking for his family so he is being a good role model in that way too.
It is funny that the protest was happening as you walked by - and I am super impressed that you all walked so far! Nice photo in black & white too.
posted June 24th, 2018  
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