1.5 Tesla by jmdeabreu

1.5 Tesla

My mission this morning of marching to the PALS office where I could talk about the safe-guarding concerns, was a big failure as they’ve closed the office to public visits. Tried calling but got redirected to voice mail and when they did call back I was told to discuss this with the ward manager. I decided to back down and instead write an email.
The one good thing today is that I know for sure that the neuroncology doctor and the local doctor are having conversations.
So what is 1.5 Tesla? A Tesla is a unit of measurement for the strength of the magnets within MRI scanners. One Tesla is 30,000 times stronger than the gravitational pull on the surface of the earth. And the machine which took images of Chevy’s head this afternoon is 45,000 stronger than gravitational pull 😱
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