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For "Get Pushed" I was challenged by Mary Siegel, @mcsiegle . Mary noticed that the photos I was posting were all taken outdoors, and of scenes that were existing where I went.

The challenge was to set up a still life of five objects or more, and to shoot it indoors. This picture is the result of that challenge.

I set the scene up, and shot it in a darkened room. The image was taken with a 40 mm lens, ISO 100, f16 at 30 seconds. I used an LED flashlight , with a tissue in front of the lens to soften the light and a six inch snoot to control where the light fell, to paint the figures.

The difficult part for me was trying to avoid the glare back from the shiny surfaces on the figures, and to process it in order to bring out the detail in the figures.

This was technique I had been thinking of trying, and I needed the push to actually spend the time doing it. Now that I have done it once, I am going to spend more time trying to improve on my results. I can see that I need a brighter LED flashlight, and more tissue in front of the flashlight to further soften the light.

Thanks for the challenge Mary.
Fantastic response. The reflections are a really nice addition and I'm super impressed with how you managed to light it so well and avoid the glare -- something I have yet to master. I will take note of your technique and try that out sometime, if I can. Mission well accomplished!
posted September 12th, 2017  
are you a traveler?
seems like those items might be from somewhere afar.
nice to see your challenge answered.
posted September 12th, 2017  
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